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i don't know if any of you remember me. It has been over four years since my husband passed from kidney cancer (collecting duct carcinoma). I check in periodically and am glad to see fox, Jan, and iceman still doing well! It's amazing to me how many new advances there have been over the last several years. When we started this journey, blkjak's oncologist said he thought we weren't too far off from managing kidney cancer as a chronic illness. I hope he is right! My kids and I are doing well. i remind them all the time that the best tribute to their dad is enjoying life, as he sure did! I have remarried. We are generally happy but will always miss him. Keep fighting! My thoughts are with you all so often!

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OMG you re-married! I am so happy for you!! This is really great news. Thank you for checking in. People are going to love to read this!! Take care xoxo

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I do remember you! I guess we've never exchanged messages, but I remember reading your posts when my husband's journey started.

I am really glad to find out that you've remarried and that life goes on. As you've said, the best tribute is enjoying life. And I'm sure your husband would be glad to know you can enjoy life again, and that you feel warm,  fond and  a bit sad memory for him instead of overwhelming grief.

So happy! Enhoying life despite cancer is also a victory over cancer!


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mrs blkjak! I'm pushing 8 years while still stage 4. Sounds like a chronic disease to me. I am thrilled to hear that life is awwesome. Good for you! I know how hard we can be pushed. Your message has made me broadly smile. FLY!

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WOW so happy to hear from you again! You are a tribute and role model of being a great caregiver AND now a newly wed!

Glad you found happiness again. I bet your husband was chosen by Mr B! Well I believe it anyhoo!

Please stay in touch, means a lot to us.

Sending you HOPE and continued HEALING 

hugs, Jan

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Best wishes, I do remember you. I joined in 2013. Sending love to you and your kids. 

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I joined this site after your previous posts so I have no connection with your husband's story.

You are a strong reminder that cancer affects not only the patient but all of those around us.

And life does go on - cancer does not win.  Very pleased to hear you have been able to find further happiness in your life.


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Thats so kind of you to post. Best wishes, and congratulations on getting married.

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