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Roll The Dice. We Are All Different...

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We are all at different stages with this Cancer. Sort of at the beginning. Starting Second Week of Treatment after long delays from my anxieties and delayed  tests.


Newbie here with the Radiation side effects and chemo side effects. Nausea to me the worst so far from 1 week of Chemo Infusion pump.Finally a decent meal yesterday. Lasagna and salad and piece of pumpkin pie. Sick of Boost...Ensure...crap food chemicals in a can!! Yuck!!


Never ending pooing problems. Pain and spasms and Mucous Juice flowing constantly into my diapers. 56 wearing diapers

.The smell is out of this world.. Gross in my bedding clothes..furniture.Stench from another planet!!


Cant Sleep.Why the Picc Line..only doing chemo twice. Suffering with the Picc Line Itch!!


Roll The Dice....we are all different. But Cancer is the same 

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I hear you regarding the Boost. For about 6 months I drank it every day for lunch along with a V8 veggie drink. I was so sick from nausea I could barely get that down but I had to have something. Finally, I tried CBD and THC oils and the nausea and pain stopped that day. Within days I had more energy and right at the moment I feel great. I'm not on chemo right now so that's a big reason why. I had been taking the strongest anti-nausea drug they could give me and I still had nausea. The pills were 5 bucks each and didn't touch it. Now I take a pill called Nabilone which has the properties that are in the CBD & THC and it works wonderfully. Nausea gone, pain gone, and I sleep well. 

It's ironic that I suggest it for people because I've always been very anti marijuana and had never smoked it or anything like that. I hate the smell and am just against it in general. Now, due to what it did for me, I'm a big proponent of it. I hate hearing about anyone suffering when they don't have to. The results were very dramatic for me but it doesn't work for everyone. 

A friend's dad was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months ago. It's stage four but they're not treating him because he's not a well man to start with and hasn't been for years. He's losy 130 pounds so far until she got him some CBD oil and now he's able to eat again. He's not going to get better but at least he can be more comfortable. 

I have an illeostomy and often have rectal mucous. It's really annoying but apparently the bowels keep producing it for the movement of anything that should be in there but isn't. I also had very smelly stuff that went into the bag for months after the surgery and then it toned down and now there's pretty much no smell at all. I can't imagine why that would be but I hope it's the same for you eventually.

Hope this helps!


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Isn't this one ugly cancer? We definitely all have had some of the experiences you shared. I have to agree with Jan and I highly recommend THC oil, or an edible form of medical marijuana. I was able to get through initial chemo and radiation without a single pain pill. I'd come home around 2pm from treatments, and usually have a good appetite for dinner. 

I'm 54 and am now blessed with a permanent colostomy. I'm not being sarcastic either. This has actually improved my quality of life. Please keep us posted. Everyone here is extremely supportive. We get it. Best wishes, -Beth

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  Treatments can be horrible.  It's one of two end results so focus on the better of the two.  Do as the doctor says and try your hardest to stay the course.  It's not easy.  Although mine was minor in a lot of ways as compared to many on this board it still was the most god awful experience of my life.  Stage 3 with no mets, no lymph node involvement ,  or other complications. I didn't even get a bag.  I pitched a no hitter in baseball terms. I was able to use denial quite a bit because there was nothing openly obvious that I had anything.  I even had some medical people tell me I didn't look like I had cancer which on one hand may seem good but at the same time it sucks because you don't get much in the way of sympathy from anyone.  Yeah, you'll want to be babied from time to time.    

 I remember radiation.  It didn't hurt and I was completely oblivious to the damage it did inside.  I'd walk in and joke with the techs saying "Pop me in the micowave".  It would do its thing and I'd literally jump off the table.  That would freak them out sometimes.  Now, I can't have kids because nothing comes out anymore. Some might consider that a blessing but I look at it as not being normal anymore.  

   We're the same age so I know how you're feeling to some degree.  Avoid stress as much as possible. That's what made me throw up more than anything. I've already gone through all 3 steps.  The first one which you're in,  chemo and radiation.  The second is the surgery. Third is adjuvent chemo affectionately called mop up.  That I just finished a couple weeks ago. I can't hold my bladder very well but at least I can hold number 2 although it's still not quite normal and too often.  I'm hoping that the affects of chemo will wear off eventually.  They say it takes about 6 months.  If it does I might be able to hold my bladder for more than 30 seconds. Don't feel bad about having to use depends.  We all have.  That will pass over time, maybe a year.  

  Now I'm dreading the post treatment tests.  A CEA blood test, a colonoscopy and PET scan.  The colonoscopy is due in a few weeks and the CEA, which is next to worthless in my case, when ever I want.  Last year my CEA score was a paltry 1.3.  That's within the range of a normal person which is from 0 to 5.  It should have been a lot higher and the blood tests they first ran didn't show anything out of the ordinary.  By all accounts I was in perfect health.  The colonoscopy is where it showed up.  Seeing is beleiving.  They took pictures and it was a couple weeks before I worked up the courage to look at the monster I had in me.  Bleeding prior to is what got me to go in the first place.

 Way back when I went to a pot store and bought some.   It felt weird and I smoked some mostly to fight the stress of having this illness.  It was a way to forget.  I did it twice and that was it. I don't have an issue with the stuff but my wife does and I don't want our little ones seeing me doing that.

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  Sorry to read about your struggle. I went through the same things almost 5 years ago and glad to report that life gets better. 

During treatment salmon and pickled ginger gave me the most satisfying meal experience.

For bad odor there is this company called: Flat-D.com. They sell all kinds of odor charcoal filters. I use some of their products and very happy with them. Literally could not work or socialize without them. That sell on Amazon too under Flat-D.

All the best!


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Welcome to the board but sorry you have to be here.  My treatment was similar to you.  Chemo/rad, surgery chemo then more surgery for an ileostomy reversal.  You are right everyone is different.  My bowels never did work right after my reversal, but they removed my rectum and made a j-pouch.  You will find a lot more information about what my journey was on my "About Me" page.  It shows my worry, struggles, elations, etc all the way through current.  I've been through a lot because of rectal cancer including two hip replacements, but I'm still here.  Never dealt with a picc line as mine was through a port.  We have a lot of knowledgeable people on the board that can help you through all of this.  We know the struggles and frustrations but most of all we are a caring group that wants to see the best for you.  Keep posting to let us know how you do and if you have any specific questions for me you can always PM me.  Wishing you the best.


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