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My Dad was diagnosed in March of 2016 with Stage 4 RCC.  In 2015 he went into the ER thinking he had a kindney stone and they found a 6mm mass on his right kidney.  Doctors ended up removing his right kidney in Dec.  Everything went well and he was told the cancer had not spread.  A year later he started having back issues and went into the doctor.  The doctor assured him it was not cancer, a scan was done and he received a phone call an hour later telling him to come back in.  My parents went back in and heard the devastating news that the cancer has spread to his spine and lungs.  He was told he probably had around 9 months to a year.  We all felt like we had been punched in the stomach.  Within two weeks he had his 10 days of radation appointments scheduled.  Dad seemed to do ok with that but said he felt like his chest was on fire.  We started out on votrient.  He started getting a cough and feeling like crap but powered through.  Ater his first scan it showed no new growth but he was allergic to the medicine and his lungs were inflamed. They put him on an antibotic and gave him a break for a month.  We then went to a oral cancer pill.  That was the worest ever.  Everthing on him turned white, he was never hungry and everything tasted like metal.  We when we went back in he had lost so much weight the doctor said you are withering away.  We are now on opdivo.  A week before we started my dad started experiencing pain in his legs and back.  After a week of this we took him back in they immediately did another scan thinking the cancer had spread up the spine.  It turned out he had broke his back/tailbone.  He had not fallen or anything.  The doctor said it was probably from the radiation.   He has been in the worst pain and its heartbreaking to watch.  He has been bedridden and is struggling now with bad nausea.  His left foot has began to turn in and we are still struggling with keeping weight on him. He is scheduled for next Tuesday for the scan and results of  opdivo.  These next two week are going to be a nightmare waitng to hear the results. This has been a rollercaster ride as you are all to aware of.  Anyone have any suggestion for nausea?  I wish you all the best of luck in this journey and pray that we will all have the strength we need to tackle this trail.

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get some pot, smoke it and the nausea will go away, if he cant do that try some thc oil under the tongue, and if you are against the medical/recreational pot thing, get your DR to write a RX to Marinol the pill form of pot, not only will these stop the nausea but they will give him a appetite so he can eat and put on weight.Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the info for the nausea!!  I will have him try those.

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I'm sorry your dad is going through this. Hopefully cannabis will provide a little relief and let him be able to eat. HD67xlch's suggestions are good. Smoking will have a more immediate effect; THC oil will take longer to kick in, but is much more powerful. Start with a small amount - about the size of a grain or two of rice. Gradually increase over the next few days - very gradually, unless he's already a regular, heavy cannabis user. If possible, I'd recommend finding oil that has been tested for pesticides. Ideally, CO2 extracted. Considering the timing, however, you may not be able to do an exhaustive search for the right product, and that's probably OK. First priority is giving your dad some relief. CBD can help with pain. However, the THC will help him rest and should also help with appetite.

Best of luck to you with this. I hope you're able to get him some relief soon and that the treatment is able to help him.


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I really am sorry to hear this. I hope you get some great suggestions on here for your dad. I wish you and your family nothing but the best...Again, so sorry.

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Thank  everyone for giving me advice onr how to deal with my upcoming kidney cancer surgery. I will be having surgery on May 24th and am very anxiuos but will be happy to get rid of this nagging pain for once and all. I know that I will have pain after surgery but I will eventually heal and I am looking forward to this!

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