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cancer recurrence

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Hello, i am wondering if there are anyone here with recurrence. I am 8 years down the road and thinking that it might be back. I have been bleeding from my rectum for months, i saw a new doc in february at the cancer center and he blew it off. Wanted to see me in a year. I called again today and explained that I am having to wear a pad. I don't feel very well. The nurse listened to me and they want to see me Mon. morning for labs and exam. My family history is pretty bad. My grandfather had it 2 times with an 8 year break between. My grandmother had it and died at 57 and my uncle had it and dies at 59. I noticed my gums are sort of pale. Am I being paranoid. My original oncologist went to Portland , Or. I must admit I am worried.

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I am so sorry to read your post. 

Life must have been great being eight years out, and now this. Its a never ending worry when you don't have symptoms, but this must have you in knots. 

Our forum friend, Abrub, had a recurrance after nine years. I know you probably don't want to hear that, but it is fact. BUT, she is now doing very well again. 

If this turns out to be a recurrance, just bully ahead like you did the first time. We may be a different bunch of folks than when you were here, but we've got your back just like the members before. 

As for your 'new Doc' I hope you kick him to the kerb and get yourself one who wants to take care of you.  I had an emergency room Doctor when I had my initial blockage 'Oh, just give her some Golitly, she's just constipated'. I heard him say it. I wanted to shove my Colonoscopy results right up his non-cancerous little ****. 

Good luck with your upcoming tests. Fingers crossed you've just got some really angry hemeroids. 


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u r an angel. thanku for the encouraging words. I hope u r right!!

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And currently enjoying travels in France. No fun, but i'm still living fully.


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I think that I'd go to a GI doc on a blood issue; at least to narrow it down. The cancer doctors are usually oncologists, radiologists or surgeons - they're specialty doctors. I think that they doctors that look into things and provide initial diagnosis or do the work to get biopsies aren't the cancer specialists.

There are a lot of things that could cause rectal bleeding (you've probably heard this a million times) so hopefully it's not cancer.

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For one thing when you bring a concern to your doctor and he blows you off, I'd fire them on the spot and get another doctor.  I'm glad that they are getting you back in, but I'd be looking for someone else that is going to take your concerns seriously.  Hoping that it isn't a recurrence and you find yourself back on her rejoicing.  Wishing you well.


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