Will AMS800 AUS Replacement Dictate Bike Seat Choice?

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After 5+ years my AMS800 is no longer working well. I'm scheduled to have all three parts replaced soon. Until they unzip me to look at the existing parts, the reason for failure will not be known. Furthermore, my Uro states it may be necessary to replace with a double cuff.

I have speculated that bike riding over 6k miles a year could be a contributing factor to this failure. I have always used a seat (Selle SMP TRK) with a large center cutout which accommodates the cuff. While the cuff is under little pressure, I'm not so sure about the tube connecting it to the pump. It may be experiencing pressure from the inside of the cutout as it connects vertically to the pump.

In an effort to get in front of the possibility of never being able to ride a diamond frame bike again, I've been investigating the feasibility of moving to a recumbent trike. (Recumbent bikes and trikes use a seat that looks like a lounge chair.) This would be a very expensive move and I'm not too keen on it for several reasons.

At 75, keeping fit along with maintaining social contact is now a very important part of my life. Doing 40-50 mile rides 3 times a week with my Bike'n Buddies, in addition to walking 3-6 miles a day with my dogs is something I want to continue for many more years. It is not a trivial thing...and contrary to what some people think...I'm not suffering from dementia.

My long-suffering wife has counseled me to keep calm and carry on by waiting until after the replacement surgery to make a final decision on changing from two wheels to three.

Bottom Line Question: Is there anyone out there in the AUS community that has any experience with this issue? If so, what was your resolution?