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Some updates

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Lily Flower
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Hi everyone! I haven't come here often like I used to but I want to share my latest updates. 

Here's a quick sypnosis:

A malignant tumor was discovered in my sigmoid colon during colonoscopy in July 2017. After few blood tests, CT scan (abdominal), CT scan (chest), MRI, even had a genetic testing of Lynch Symdrome, all showed no metastisize of the cancer in other area of my body.  Lynch Symdrome was negative. My colon cancer was staged at 3B with 4 out of 21 lymph nodes were positive.  I Had my partial colectomy surgery on 8/3/17. Started my adjuvant chemotherapy on 9/1/17 which was the combo of Oxaliplatin IV drip and capecitabine. I went for the IV drip through the vein (I did not have the pump method) every 3 weeks and took the capecitabine pills every 2 weeks then 1 week off.  I had 8 treatments total for 6 months.  I completed my last chemo on 2/2/18. My lingering side effect as of now is the neuropathy on my toes. I can feel it's getting somewhat better than the beginning. My hands have gotten back to normal. 

On 4/21/18, I had my follow up colonoscopy. 2 polyps were found and turned out to be non cancerous after they were biopsed. Although one was biopsed as Tubulovillous which is a bit more agressive than the regular polyps. Regular usually takes about 10 years to develope into cacerous tumor but Tubulovillous takes 3-5 years. 

On 5/3/18, I had my follow up CT scan (with contrast) of the abdominal. 2 days ago the result came back... "There is no recurrent of colon cancer." YES!

For the next 5 years I will be having my colonoscopy and CT scans yearly. That's just fine by me. It's a small price we have to pay to stay hearlthy and alive. 

I can finally put this chapter of my life behind and move on to my normal life. I received many supoort and love from this forum. Some have even become good friends on FB. As strangely as it sounds, all of us would have never met if it weren't for cancer. 

Ok Tru, where's my little dancing man?! LOL


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Such great news!  I hope you will take a vacation or do something else to celebrate.

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I'm Happy for you.  May you be NED the rest of your life!!

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I am SO happy for you! Begone cancer!



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So very happy for you! 



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NED Yay!  Be here now and enjoy every minute... Congrats!


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That sounds like a NED to me; I remember how you were struggling last year (most of us were) and it's great to hear that it's gone.

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Three, because I'm late to the party. 

Congratulatoins, dear FB friend. You deserve it, along with the rest of us. 

Cyber hugs!


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Lily, you must be floating on air. Thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful miracle you are. From another 'no port' person, this is so inspiring. 

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Congratulations on being NED! We all celebrate with you. 

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this news is the best ever! I am also so happy to now have you as my FB friend! I undrestabd what you man about not knowing anyone if it wasnt for the cancer. I remind myself of the great people I have met along the way due to my husband’s diagnosis as well as my Autisitc  son. So many people I am I blessed with! Maybe someday we can meet in NYC for lunch! Xoxo

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It's good to hear somoene is getting one over on this disease.  I'm a few weeks behind you. I finished the adjuvant chemo on April 29.  Like yourself, the neuropothy in the fingers and toes is improving albeit slowly but any improvement is a plus. The follow up colonoscopy is scheduled for June 7th.  Nervouse, yup but at this stage I'll just accept what ever it is. It's so nice not to have to take those god awful pills anymore.     

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How did the colonoscopy go for you?

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Lily, I’ve come across several of your posts as I’ve been learning about my new Stage IV diagnosis, sigmoid colon with a met to my omentum. I have to tell you my heart filled with joy to stumble across this post of yours and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey and giving me hope!


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