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Waiting on Pathology - Nervous!

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Hello everyone, yesterday I had two moles removed. One is close to my ear and resembles a squamous cell carcinoma the second one looks mean and angry. It's located on my abdomen. When the dermatologist looked at it he said it was definitely cause for concern and needed to come off. I now wait 2 weeks to get the pathology report back. It's going to be a long 2 weeks. I asked him if he thought the mean and angry mole was a bad one and his response was that sometimes he's wrong so he doesn't want to say one way or another. He wants to wait for the pathology report. However, he feels that it's something that is scary looking enough to get it off and feels as though we have caught it early. So nervous!


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Hi Trisha


i went through same thing last week...Relax in knowing whatever comes back, you catch it early and get it taken care of.  That’s what I had to tell myself.  So many people don’t go to Dr.!!!!

take care


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