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Hysterectomy Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence

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I opted for a hysterectomy due to my hormone positive breast cancer. I did not want monthly injections to stop estrogen and I'm not having any more children, so I figured I didn't need those organs. They took everything: ovaries, tubes, cervix and uterus. After 9 weeks of recovery, I had to have emergency surgery due to a vaginal cuff dehiscence. It happened after I had intercourse for the first time at the end of recovery, but the doctor says I didn't do anything wrong. I'm 7 days out from surgery and having some mild cramping. How do I know that another dehiscence hasn't occurred? And will this be a concern forever? I've read that this can happen to women many years after hysterectomy. Will I ever be able to have intercourse normally, without worrying about this happening again? I'm regretting my hysterectomy because of this. The condition is so rare that it's not even something I knew about before surgery.

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I had my hysterectomy years and years prior to my BC.  Never experienced what your talking about.  I sure hope your docs find a solution to this.  Dont give up on it.  Keep on them to help and or get another OBGYN.  

Prayers going up for you.



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hello Egankeevan prayers to you ..keep checking with your doctors..

hang in there!!


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