Pancoast Tumor

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Husband was diagnosed with a Pancoast tumor left upper lung 1/16/18. He does his 5th round of carbo/taxol chemo this week. The cancer is also in his r adrenal gland. He wasn’t able to do radiation because of it being on his adrenal glands they wanted to give him high doses of chemo. He has chemo every 3 weeks. My husband is in so much pain majority of the time in his left side, pain between shoulder blades, his left arm has tingling and numbness and his basically can’t move his fingers. In the beginning and what made us go to the Dr is that while sitting across from him at dinner one night I noticed his left eye was very low especially compared to the right eye he had also been having bad shoulder pain. I want To know if anyone or one of your loved ones is going through this? 


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    hi again everybody. I haven't caught up here in a few years. This my 10th year surviving that Pancoast tumor. i read through all the old messages from when I joined in 2010. I remember how inspiring this group was for me when I needed it most. Thank you all for your support. i wanted to post to say that these things are not insurmountable. It's not a death sentence. Life after treatment will be what you make of it. I still go at 1 year intervals for scans etc. I barely get scanxiety at all . so far, so good.  Peace, Alan

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    Pancoast questions

    Has anyone (or their loved one with pancoast) had an initial back injury (such as a ruptured disc) that masked the pancoast condition, and delayed diagnosis of the tumor?