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Magnesium and neuropathy

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Here is an interesting article about magnesium intake and chemotherapy induced neuropathy:

Magnesium intake during chemotherapy was statistically significantly associated with lower prevalence of CIPN [Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy] (prevalence ratio (PR) 0.53, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.32, 0.92). Furthermore, higher dietary intake of magnesium during (β −1.08, 95% CI −1.95, −0.22) and after chemotherapy (β −0.93, 95% CI −1.81, −0.06) was associated with less severe CIPN.


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Thanks for sharing that! 


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I took 400 mg this morning because of cramps last night. The pills are huge though. I've increased my exercise but need more electrolytes in general. I usually get them from Nuun but the direct tablets provide a lot more and faster.

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My diet  has always included a lot of magnesium-rich foods like spinach, salmon, avocado, hummus, bananas,  whole grains, nuts, etc.  I have a little mild  neuropathy in my feet because of the  oxaliplatin  but it has never been as bad as what some here have described. I wonder if  that's because of the magnesium.


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Interesting thought, Grace.  Maybe I will look into increasing my mag intake; as my neuropathy is a quite (but not very) bad. 


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Epsom salt baths help increase my magnesium intake. Two full cups in the hottest bath I can stand, soaking up to my neck. I have neuropathy in my feet pretty bad, but not far. 

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Wish my doctor just would have listened to me when telling her that it was becoming a real problem.  So much more that's come out since I've been on it.  Thanks for the info.


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  I wish my doc would have said more than telling me I don't need to change my diet. Then again, they said no restrictions on diet after surgery and that didn't go well.  Ive got it in my finger tips and my feet look like something from dawn of the dead. The toe nails are whitish which I know can't be right.  It's tough to walk right sometimes without the proper sensation in the toes. It's not super bad but I notice it and it stinks to have those reminders.  

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Yeah, all they told me was "resume normal diet."  But in fact, reseach demostrates that there are many nutritional and lifestyle modifications that can help.  For me, the discussion of these is the most valuable aspect of the forum.

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