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Waiting on Results

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I feel a little insecure posting here as I know nothing for sure yet and will likely be waiting upwards of a week for results.  I am man and had what I thought was an infection in my left nipple.  Painful, swollen, etc.  I have had other symptoms for quite a long time, but thought nothing of it.  I went in on Thursday, they did a brief exam, took a picture and gave me antibiotics.  They briefly mentioned possibly doing a core biopsy (really big hollow needle).  The next day I received a call asking me to come in for a biopsy.  I was confused as initially they said to only if antibiotics didn't work.  I questioned them about waiting ten days until my treatment was complete and they said no, come in tomorow, which is today, no appointment, just show up.  Needless to say, I grew anxious.  Almost every female on my mom's side of the family has had breast cancer, which was one of their concerns, even though I'm male.

So I went in today, the doctor asked me if he could bring in a nurse practitioner as well.  They both told me the suspected Paget Disease, which can occur alone, but more commonly with another form of breast cancer.  All they told me was that it is an underlying inflammation process.  They did a biopsy and a culture from some discharge.  I was told results could take up to 2 weeks.  I'm a little freaked out and also feel a bit guilty even joining, because it could be nothing, but it could be something.

I'm just about to finish my first year of nursing school, finals are going on right now, I work full time, volunteer fire lieutenant and I can't afford health insurance.  I'm not sure what I'm looking for here while I'm waiting, but wasn't sure what else to do.

So that's where I'm at.

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You're not alone in posting to these boards while waiting for the confirmation of a diagnosis. The wait can be very stressful and it helps to talk about it with others.

Sometimes posters are lucky enough to be told later that their symptoms are not caused by cancer and they drop off the boards. For the rest, some prefer to undergo treatment without actively participating in the boards, while others share their experiences throughout treatment with members who understand what they are going through. The boards serve as resource and support, as much or as little as a person needs or wants.

If you do want to participate further later, I encourage you to post on the Breast Cancer board. While most of the members there are woman, as you would expect, there are a few men who have breast cancer there too. The members of that site are very supportive of each other there.

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I don't know if it's appropriate to post, I don't have cancer, I'm waiting for my mother to decide whether she wants to have a diagnostic test for pancreatic adenocarcinoma or not.  All I can say to you is that I applaud you for not running away, for giving them the go-ahead to do the test.  It's so scary, and it's so much easier to say "I don't want to know" or "I'm sure it's nothing".  I hope nothing is exactly what it turns out to be, but know that you've made a brave and self-empowered choice to find out.

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