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Shout out to Kathy/Kaleena

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I seem to recall that one of our long-time posters/survivors, Kathy aka Kaleena, was to undergo surgery last week sometime.  Just want to send along best wishes to her and her family as she takes a time out to care  for herself, as she does so many of us with her thoughtful and informative posts.  Best wishes, Kathy. Oldbeauty

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Thank you for starting this thread. I was thinking about her, too. Hope you're doing well, Kathy.

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Me, too, I was wondering how she's doing. Thank you for starting the thread; I love how we look out for one another. B

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I did not know she was going to have a surgery. Thank you for letting us know, oldbeauty. Best of luck, Kathy. Hope the surgery was a huge success and you are recovering well from it. 

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good luck. Praying for you

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Thank you! Wishing kathy the best!

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Kathy G.
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Yes...thank you OldBeauty for mentioning this. I remember reading her posts about it awhile back.

Kaleena is one of the old timers I remember from back in 2012 when I first landed here! Always has good info for newcomers & is personable & sincere.


She has gone thru alot of struggles over the years, but has always remained in touch with the boards.


I hope she is doing well!

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in my thoughts also. Hope she and her husband are ok. 

She last signed on April 14

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Thanks for the reminder OldBeauty. Kathy, I hope you are doing well. Please come back when you feel up to it. 

Love and Hugs,


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Thank you all for your wishes and concerns.  I am going to do a post but just wanted to shout out to you all and thank you for all the well wishes.  It worked so well that they released me on day 5 instead of day 7 or 8!

Love you all,


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That's terrific!

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Glad to hear you're doing well!

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