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Guards in underwear

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Well, I actually tried just a guard in a pair of under armour boxer/jockey underwear.  Then I went ouside and staretd getting my camper ready for the beach (clean the awning; clean windows, clean grill).  I had no leakage onto my underwear or shorts.  I did have leakage into the guard, but it was contained (no pun intended here).  I just will have to build up a little more confidence with the underwear and guard scenario.  It felt good just to put on underwear.  I am getting there.

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Hi Lighterwood,

Nice to hear things are progressing.  I have been using the Depends light pads in tighty whities for about two years now, they seem to work very well catching the occasional drip or dribble.  I went two sizes larger in my tighty's and it still keeps me dry and give my "friend" a chance to poke his head out instead of being a frightened turtle.  I think my original size of tighty's with the pad caused a pretty tight fit, feels good to have a little breathing room.

Dave 3+4

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I am at work with just a wad of tissue paper placed inside underwear. First day away from home without depends--feels great. I am at the 6 month mark and i am at about 95% leakage free. Had 2nd psa reading since RP and im cancer free.  Erectile dysfunction is another story.................hopefully one that ends well

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FYI.. pads work fine with boxer briefs too. And I make my own pads now, since I need minimal protection. 

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I also wear depends guards in my underwear. Coming up on 7 months and have been doing this for  just over a month. Hiowever if I'm out in the yard doing yardwork io still use depends briefs (stilill won't call 'em diapersEmbarassed) with a guard since I tend to still have a fair amount of stress incontinence. Amazing all the great stuff we learn from our experiences with Pc! 

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I try to refer to my underwear as highly fashionable, disposable underwear.  I am at 6 weeks post op; I too have a fair amount of stress incontinence (gettting ready to go camping; yard work;).  My surgeon's nurse told me one of the younger guys (late 40's) came in for his post op and tried to illustrate how fashionable they are.  I love it.  To me the human side of this tells the most important story.  Our ability to look this cancer in the eye and say, I am still here.

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At 18 months pst RP, I am still wearing pad in my compression shorts when running, excercising or doing some heavier work. I have stress incontinece on strenuous movents, twistings, jumps, while bending down to fasten shoelaces etc. After 7th month , I did not see further improvement. I am now at about 99% and that is my maximum. I can live with this.


Jerry Mac
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I wear a small pad at work; however, while at home, the pad is not needed. I will one day build the courage to abandoned the work pad. I am 3 months post surgery. Waking up in the morning dry, is a great feeling. My next test is going guardless while working out.

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