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My thoughts and mind are with Abunai who is suffering at the minute

Hope he gets on top of the pain and strong for the next challenge ahead of him

We love you Abunai


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Hoping and wishing for relief from the pain. I feel so bad for you, Abunai. My thoughts are with you xo

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My thoughts, prayers, good vibes, positive energy and anything else I can put out in the universe are headed your way Abunai.

You are quite the warrior. Big hugs to you and your family.


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I truly hope for good things to come his way soon. 

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Abunai is approaching his condition with courage and strength.  Everytime he's posted there is a sense of optimism and hope.  Although he is in terrible pain, he still offers support and guidance to others.  In my eyes this speaks volumes to his character.  


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May God bless him with good health and long life

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Thank you all, so much, for the thoughts and well wishes.

Earlier this week my wife took me to see a palliative service. The doctor there was very perceptive and knowledgeable about cancer related pain. She adjusted my meds and by Thursday morning I was feeling much better. I actually got 6 hours of restfull sleep on Thursday night.

I had unfounded fears about palliative care. I thought that it was the same as giving up and giving in to cancer. I will still be receiving chemo (afinitor) and fighting off the cancer, but now I have someone wo knows how to help address my symptoms as I do it.

To be honest, I thought y'all were talking about someone else. "Gee, this Abunai sounds like a helluva guy!". Thank you all for the kind words. I still know that I don't have a long time to go, barring a breakthrough, but I'm hanging in there.

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I'm so glad you found relief. Hugs xo

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You have been on my mind an in my heart. I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Keep up the good fight.


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So glad you are getting some relie. Press on brother!!


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See Abunai? YOU my dear are surrounded by love and care!

Sending you HOPE and continued HEALING

Hugs, Jan

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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To hear you found the help that you so deserve.  Sending well wishes and comfort your way. June

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Canadian Sandy
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You are such an inspiration. Thank you.

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Praying 1 Cor 15:1-4, King James Bible,  will be a comfort to you. 


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Will include you in my prayer. Stay strong my friend, we are all here and pulling for you!

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Sending good karma




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Sending my Prayers

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You have a great sense of humour!! All of us here are with you...don't ever think for one second you are alone xoxo. I am happy to hear you will be better taken care of. I hope you continue to be able to sleep well as you just did and that you are comfortable. Much love to you and your precious wife.

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> "Gee, this Abunai sounds like a helluva guy!"

That's what I think. :-)

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Hi Abunai, I can't imagine what you are going through so far, but I have to say I have been reading your msg since 2016 and I am very impressed with your positive attitude.

Send my praying wishing the treatment will work greatly!



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Yes, I think because you are one.  We are all holding you and your family - you have prayers from all over the world.  

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Just wanted to add my well wishes, too. I am so glad you found some relief and were able to sleep. 

Another precious warrior is what you are! Hang in there.

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