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Did anyone see 60 minutes last night?  Anyone on Crispr trials?  Looks promising.

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Sounds very promising sometime in the near(I hope) future.


Dave 3+4

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I saw the segment on 60 Minutes and found it very interesting.

Not sure if prostate or any other cancer is genetically linked in a way that it can be fixed w/Crispr but it certainly looks promising to help address other diseases with clear genetic linkages.

As mentioned in the segment, governmentally approved testing of Cirpr on humans probably won't come to market for a very long time and use as an approved medical procedure even farther in the future.  Far beyond our lifetimes most likely. 



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I saw a report that they were doing clinical trials on people w/ castrate resistant cancer in Beijeng now.  I think it's working

Old Salt
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clinicaltrials.gov shows a trial, to be conducted at Peking U, where CRISPR modified T cells will be used in a Phase 1 study with patients who have 'castrate-resistant' prostate cancer.



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Does anyone know when this can actual become available to men for prostate cancer?

Old Salt
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is what Swingshiftworker wrote. I will be a bit more optimistic and say at least 10 years. 

For this to work, we need patients with a well-defined genetic mutation to be corrected with CRISPR technology. But it's my understancing that there are many different ones that contribute to prostate cancer. And we also know that prostate cancer is not just one disease. For instance, Gleason 6 cells are genetically distinct from say, Gleason 7 cells etc.; not to mention Gleason 9 cells.

Where do we start?

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