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Back from Seattle

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 I met with an oncologist ...wasn't super impressed. She was informative but basically since I'm not at the point of needing systemic treatment she didn't really seem interested in my case. 
So my response to that was.. look I am at this referral because insurance requires it but should I need systemic treatment I will be seeking an RCC specialist. 
The new Urologist was pretty great. Went over all my scans said he agreed with the options my surgeon gave me however he did have his team of Interventional radiologist look at them and their response was that it appears stable and has had no growth since Nov would recommend MRI
New Urologist feels MRI will yield same results. He feels like since they really do not do kidney biopsies that if we are to do one he would definitely recommend an ablation during same procedure.
He also said he is not convinced that this is cancer. Having a primary tumor in both kidneys is very rare. Made the suggestion to maybe wait until next scans to see if there is growth but that ultimately the decision is mine.
He is supportive of either decision feels like ablation of something this small would not affect function of kidney.

Any thoughts??

Hope you all have plans for a great weekend and this finds you all well.


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When doctors are faced with a non routine cases such as yours there tends to be more than one opionion. Whatever you choose after listening and asking your questions go with your gut. It is ultimately your decision.




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To be honest... I'm ready to flip a coin. I just want to do what is best.

I'm a Libra we like our scales balanced...lol

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...but I do hope you're able to get some resolution on this soon. I can imagine how it must weigh on you  -  the not knowing. Good luck!


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