Clear chest X-ray why am I in a funk

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So, hope you all are doing ok. Dec had partial nephrectomy to remove clear cell carcinoma. stage 1. Easy back to life. I’ve been super busy. All of a sudden time for 1st chest X-ray and blood work. All is fine. I wasn’t worried really. I only had stage 1 after all. All of a sudden I’m in a funk. I mean fine I work I’m polite, take care of kids. I would much prefer to hide in my room and be left alone from my very busy life. I don’t feel sad just overwhelmed by everything all of a sudden. Did this happen to anyone else? I feel so stupid. I had stage 1 I will be fine! Is this going to happen every time I have a follow up? I should be rejoicing not pouting. Please tell me I’m not the only sadsack!


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    Its called scanxiety



    Perfectly natural. It wears off over time.



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    Agreed with Icemantoo

    Same here.... Is it not easy not to think about it. But things will slowing get better. Just try to focus things you need to be done and spend more times with friends and family....  ( Don't hide in the room.... try.. get a walk in the garden or beaches.... is better...)

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    Totally normal. I think we go

    Totally normal. I think we go into SuperWoman mode to get thru it then when things settle it all hits us. Be kind to yourself and patient. Keep reaching out or journaling  is amazing too xoxo.

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    Everyone is different

    Everyone is different but we have been given a health concern that is in the back of your mind 24hrs a day. Your not the only Sadsack You say your ok with work, and you have small kids. Do you make time for yourself? Do you have something that allows you to clear your head? The gym, exercising or walking outdoors, the beach something like that. Schedule something that brings you happiness it can't hurt. 

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    I would expect this to be

    I would expect this to be normal and it better with time. I go through the same thing on ocassion and try not to let it consume me. But I have my days. I have a lot of different pains that cause me concern. I was stage 1 also but it is still in my mind all the time. I coming up on my 6 months scan.

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    Just normal

    Just normal

    I was shocked at the beginning but managed everything finely, had surgery, almost easy back to normal life, had a fantastic busy one week vacation, and then things changed. All I wanted was to sit in the dark and cry , I lost my energy all of the sudden, it took me months to accept the news. Thanks heaven, Things are fine now, you'll be fine, don't blame yourself, you're normal

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    Hi Sasha,

    Maybe what happens is that we forget all about cancer but then the scan takes us back mentally to the place we were before.

    Suddenly we're back in that CT machine just like the one that caused all our fear in the first place.

    A young woman from a cancer charity knocked on my door today and I signed up for a small regular donation.

    Her brochure had a photo of a child with no hair. I nearly cried. You never know what will set it off.



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    Thanks Guys

    Thank you guys!!! I feel much better! Your kind words helped! You all mentioned doing something for myself. I’m working on carving in time for myself. I so appreciate having this group.

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    Absolutely normal. My husband

    Absolutely normal. My husband was Stage 1, I was pregnant at the time, we were repairing our apartment,  were very busy at work. So I kinda didn't cry, my husband was very calm and positive, we were in the fight mode and thought we avoided the huge stress. And then in couple of months after his surgery I was at the movies with my friend, and mother of protagonist in the movie was dying from cancer. I was weeping like cray and had to leave, I couldn't watch it. like in your case, my reaction was really delayed, it took time to switch off the fight mode and accept...

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    To say it's a normal reaction is

    not providing a solution.  There is a mild depression that can get worse if not taken care of.  Talk to your Onc. or PC and let the person know.  Depression can be temporary or it can go on for longer tha is necessary....and it sure can screw with your body and brain.  I had found out years prior that I should have been on an antidepressant for long before then.  My body doesnot produce enough serotonis to make availabel.  That's the feel good hormone.  Getting better on your own is a possibility, but will probably take longer.

    Good luck and Hugs