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Stump cancer

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Has anyone been diagnosed with Stump cancer?  They are biopsy in my uterus for that

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Ok, I had to look this up as STUMP didn't autmatically register.  

From 2009, but here is a link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19417585


The current World Health Organization classification indicates that a uterine smooth muscle tumor that cannot be histologically diagnosed as unequivocally benign or malignant should be termed "smooth muscle tumor of uncertain malignant potential" (STUMP). STUMPs represent a heterogeneous group of rare tumors that have been the subject of only a few published studies, some of which lack detailed clinicopathologic details and/or follow-up data. More recently, it has been suggested that immunohistochemical staining may be helpful in the diagnosis of STUMPs.

Posts: 11
Joined: Apr 2018

Thank you!!

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