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Hi Everyone

My son has AO GR3 Brain cancer. In January they found it and it was the size of a common pin head.  He was on temolozide for 2 months and it has spread tremendously almost looking like a hand over your brain with fingers reaching down.  He was given 6 months or less to live.  They are trying him on Avastin intraveniously every other week.  It has been 3 treatments and he has had not one side effect!!  I certainly am not looking a gift horse in the mouth but I am curious if this is normal?

Thank you

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In our experience, Avastin is a wonder drug. My mom's tumor sounds much like how you described your sons and in my mom's case, it was large enough to shift the midline of her brain significantly to one side. After three days post the first Avastin infusion, she started showing significant improvement. After two treatments, she essentially seems normal again other than some memory degredation caused by the surguries and the tumor. She has regained full control of all her motor skills. Avastin is supposed to slow down blood flow to the tumor causing it to grow slower and allow the brain more time to heal. In both our cases, it sounds like it is doing its job.

Best wishes

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My husband was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Ogliodentaglioma back in 2010.  He underwent surgery, chemo and radiation and was doing great.  Then in November 2017, that ugly tumor reared it's head again and turned aggressive.  He now has a Grade 3 Astrocytoma.  He had surgery in December and is currently on Avastin and Lomustine.  He right side has been completely weakened, as well as his speech.  He has been undergoing OT, PT and Speech Therapy for several months now.  He is definitely getting stronger, but I hear it's a long road ahead.  Has anyone had good experience with this chemo treatment?  

Thank you.

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My husband was diagnosed with Grade 3 Astrocytoma in November 2017.  He started Avastin,  as well as Lomustine, in January 2018.   He seems to be getting stonger....he will get an MRI this Friday to see is there is disease progression.  How is your son doing?

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