5 week Post Op

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Well, I have my 5 week post op with my doctor tomorrow.  I am 67. Gleason 4+3=7.  RP; bladder neck reconstruction; 8 pelvic lymph nodes removed.  I know he is going to ask about the incontinence which I still have, but not like it was, getting better.  I know he will ask about the ED part.  My wife and I checked that out today and she told me "it is working". Laughing


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    Last sentence


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    It is working

    Great news. Hope the doctor gives you the good news on the remission adding to the celebration.

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    Done with First Post Op

    Well, all they wanted to do today was to talk to me.  They did take a urine sample and found under Urine Blood POL: Trace-Hemolyzed (ABN); Urine Leukocytes POL:  Trace (ABN).  I have gained 3 lbs since my surgery.  They said I need to hold off one more week before I start doing the things that I normally do and then ease into those things.  This will put me at 6 weeks of just kegling and walking.  They checked my incisions from the surgery, pretty much healed up.  Also checked to see if there were any signs of a hernia.  They asked about my incontinence.  In their opinion, I am making progress.  Maybe a little ahead for most folks my age.  They asked about the sexual function.  I said, my wife said "it is working."  So they are going to do my first PSA test in July.  I will let you folks know how that comes out.  In the meantime, in another week, my wife and I will prep our camper and head to the beach.  Thanks for all the words of encouragement and the wealth of information that is contributed to this site.