6 weeks post-op

Well, it's been 6 weeks since the surgery, and I am feeling quite well, but...  I have noticed that since the surgery I have been urinating a whole lot more than I did before.  My urine is always fairly light colored, with minimal to no concentration.  I seem to have a whole lot more edema in my legs than I did pre-op also.  I sent my Urologist a note about this, and he had me go give a urine sample at the lab.  He seems to think that I have something called overactive bladder syndrome, if there is no UTI present.   Is this something that is common after this surgery.  I still have about half the kidney on the operative side.   Appreciate any thoughts or comments on this.  Thanks


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    I urinated constantly post op

    IDK if I had overactive bladder or coincidence or more water intake. For 2 months I was peeing nonstop. No edema. I will say 4 1/2 months out I feel like I urinate more. I’m chalking it up to age and 4 kids. Good luck.

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    Mine was different for a while

    I don't remember the details, unfortunately, but I was peeing more for a while after surgery. Maybe a few weeks... Not sure.

    Now 15 months have passed everything is perfectly normal.


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    I didn't have

    The same issue but B"H everything eventually goes back to normal-good luck and be patient