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Amy Jo

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Amy Jo is not having a good time now

we are praying for you and here whenever you need anything

Please keep in contact so we can help


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Sad to hear that. I'm not sure who she is but will be praying for her. Is she a caregiver or does she have cancer?

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She posted on a different post.. just a newbie diagnosed and not having a good time


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Thank you for your support I was told I was cancer free a month ago. Now it looks like I have either a completely different cancer or my renal cell has spread. I start radiation for my spine on Monday. I'm waiting on biopsy results from my liver to see what the final diagnosis is. Hoping for successful treatment. It's just so strange all my scans were clear then I have back pain and here we are. 

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honey child

 praying as hard as we Can fight this together 

surgery is done so you will get answers very quick 

stay strong and it won’t be long till we are telling this cancer to **** off

Praying for you and your family


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If you are sweating the radiation, don't. It is not a painfull treatment  (unless laying on your back for a long time causes you pain).

Going from NED to new cancer must be like having the rug pulled out from under you. Hang in there. You have support here.

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Well it is such a hard thing to wrap your mind around. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs going out to her!

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Sending prayers and positive vibe your way!

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Amy_Jo...we are here with you love. I know it sucks to be facing this still (or again), but it is not the end. You will be ok. Just a rough patch. Much love.

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As you can see, we care... A LOT!

We'll walk this journey along side you. 

The little I know is that radiation on the spine helps with pain, if not eliminating it. 

Sometimes it eliminates the lesion too. I have heard that from 2 members from CSN.

Hope that gives you some hope. 

They also have new treatments for the liver, like the Y-90 and others. 

Sending you HUGS and HOPE!


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You are in my thoughts and prayers


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