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5mm nodule on lung

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I went to Doctor's Care this morning, because I have had a bad cold (allergy probably) for the last two and 1/2 weeks and not getting any better.  They took a chest xray to make sure i did not have pneumonia.  I do not.  But they found a 5mm nodule in the top left part of my lung, and a few smaller nodules in the top right lung.  They are sending me to a pulmonary doctor for more testing, which they suggested I not see them until my medications are finished up this week.


I am 58, never smoked, and have not been losing any weight.  I have been getting a little more tired lately, but am thinking its because i have stopped exercising (while my hubby recuperatedf for hip replacement) and just getting back to working out some.  My blood pressure is great and my blood count was good.  And then I came home and started self-diagnosing myself on the internet, and I know better!


From what I can tell, a 5mm size is considered a mass, and if nodules are located in the top part of the lung, they are more likely to be cancer.  There is no history of lung cancer or any cancer in my family.  My mother had oral cancer many years ago but she was over 65 at the time.  Just looking for some encouraging words to stop freaking out!  thanks!



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Nodules are actually very common. They can be from scarring, infection, inflammation and even arthritis. Please wait till you see the specialist and remember only a biopsy can confirm the presence of cancer. All the best to you and may your testing all be negative.

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Thanks so much for your kind words!  I have never had someone mention lung nodules befoe to me, and am glad to hear that they are commmon.  Hopefully I will find good news when I get into a pulmonary doctor!

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Hi there, if your nodule is 5 mm then it is not considered a mass but a nodule. There are 10 mm in 1 cm and anything less than 3 cm is not a mass. It would also be a bit unusual for an xray to pick up a 5 mm nodule but not impossible. Tiny nodules of  the size 5 mm are quite common and are less likely to be cancer than a mass of size 5cm=50mm.

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Hey @debnsc, How are your reports now? What treatment your doctor has suggested you? My Mom is in same situtaion as yours. 

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