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almost 6 weeks Post surgery

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I had my robotic partial Neph on 3-21 around 1pm.  Got to a room around 8 that night.  Stayed in the hospital until around 12 the next day and then they sent me home.  I was pretty tender but able to move around fine.  Had my follow up on April 10th, got the pathology that confirmed it was RCC but they got it all.  I am back to work for 1/2 days this week then full time next week.


I am still pretty sore but the doc thought I would be.  He informed me that there was a lot of previous scar tissue.  I had my gall bladder removed Dec. of 2016 then a partial hysterectomy in December of 2017.  So he said he had to cut through a lot of new and old scar tissue which created more scar tissue so until all of that settles and heals I will be sore for a while.  Every now and then I will take some Advil if it gets too bad. 

My next follow up with labs is October.  Now the plan is to stay out of the hospital and no more surgeries for a REALLY long time if ever. 


Stay safe and keep your chin up!

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Thanks for your story! Sounds like you've done well & very glad to hear they got it all. I sure hope it's all clear from here on out. 

Yes, to no more surgeries!! I had a radical neph on 3/8 and still healing. Sure glad I'm retired! Mine was extensive and severe and I have 16 1/2" of cuts, a huge upside down "Y." Crazy! It's healing, so I'm glad. THINK they got it all but not sure. CT scan didn't show anything, so I'll take it!!

All the best with your future labs and stay well!

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---to go water skiing for my 60th birthday.



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Looks like we are both on the mend and doing well. It was strangely comforting to have someone else going through it at the same time! Cheers to being NED in the future for us both! 

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