just finished radiology

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Hi , I just finished my 15 radiation trteatment last  thursday.Starting my chemo on this tues.,  little scared but still thinking very postive!!! its stage 4 smlc with mets>>> wish i wouldve come here first instead of looking on google!! everyone seems so positive! I would love to talk to people who are going thru the same. It seems so alone . As i will have alot of time, cuz i cant really sleep any signivacant amount of sleep. usually just an hour and im up. then back down . It very strange., but, yet tired all the time!!



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    Welcome and congrats on finishing rad!

    Some do have problems sleeping steady. You may find that different on chemo. Some find it very tiring. Tips for chemo: drinks lots (TONNES) of water, wear a warm sweater or take a blanket as some people get cold during treatment, take snackies as treatment sometimes runs long and you may get hungry, take things to keep you nusy because it can get boring. Nausea is usually not the problem it used to be as the pre meds you take leading up to chemo days and post meds are pretty good are preventing that.  Do make sure you keep your treatment team aware of any side effects right away so they can help you. Don't go without saying anything as it can then become harder to treat and bring back under control. Oh and did I mention drink lots of water? LOL

    All the best and keep us updated.