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4 weeks ago colon surgery can not keep food down

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Posts: 4
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My husband has stage 4 colon cancer that spread to his liver and lungs.  He had 3/4 of his colon removed and is going to see an oncologist next week but he has not been able to keep food down he can't even look or smell it without feeling like he is going to vomit.  What could be causing this and has anyone experienced this?

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Your surgeon should be contacted immediately especially if he isn't able to eat anything.  He is going to need his strength to heal and possibly do treatment.  There are medicines that can help him with his appetite and vomiting issues.  Call the doctor tomorrow and let them know what is going on.  Don't wait for the appointment if it is later in the week.  Good luck to hubby.


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that might be an early side effect but not 4 weeks later. I would call the dr or consider the emergency room.

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Is he on Chemo? 

My sense of smell was heightened during chemo. I couldn't bare the smell of some foods. 

It is definitely something he should talk to his Oncologist about, or give the Onc nurses a call. 


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talk to your doc about sofran, compazine, or the very expensive, but highly effective emend- but i found takign both zofran and compazine together helped control all of my nausea

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