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So, I have stage 4 RCC that has moved into my spine. I have a tumor at my L3/L4 spine that is crushing the nerves in that area. One of the issues that causes is that I can't lay down flat for any length of time without immense, intractable pain in that area.

Well, I need to lay on my back in order to do the CT Sim procedure to prepare for the Cyberknife surgery. Nor can I lay down flat long enough to have the actualy cyberknife treatment.

It's a real catch 22...the anasthesiologist won't stick a needle into my spinal cord for an epidural to kill the pain long enough to do the procure, and the radiation oncologist doesn't want me to be fully sedated for the procedure because my body might shift during the radiation treatment.

Any thoughts?

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I had herniated L3. The pain was unlike anything I have ever had. Nothing eased the pain. It gradually subsided and I'm grateful. I hope someone compromises and figures a way to get you the procedures you need and soon. Positive thoughts for you and your wife.

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Can they do an IV drip of painkillers like dilauded or something?

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So you can push the button every so often?

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Yeah, what blair said.  You've had a rough road with this cancer, Abunai.  I'm hopeful you find some relief with this procedure.


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so I couldnt move during both my lung surgeries. I remember them telling me once they got me into the position they wanted me in, they were going to strap me to the operting table so I couldnt move during the surgery, they got me in position, started the IV drip drugs to knock me out then did a spinal epidural, so they can  make it so you cant move if they are so equipped. Are you having this done in a hospital operating room or radiation center, a radiation center may not be equipped to strap you down like a hospital operating room is.Good luck

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stepped up and decided we could do the general anasthesia in order to do the CT sim, which we did, successfully, yesterday.

We can do the same for the actual cyberknife procedure, however the Radiation Oncologist will now only do a single session procedure as opposed to the three that were originally planned. I'm hoping that the efficacy isn't reduced because of this.

Thanks for all of your suggestions and comments, everyone!

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Glad to hear they found a solution for you. I wish you all the best my friend.

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Glad you have a solution..yikes...ouch!

I know some of this. I go into terrible spasms, and go numb whenever

I have to lay on a table of any kind for any kind of test/procedure.

Feel for you! Sending you HOPE and HEALING my friend,


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All the best, Abunai. Glad it could be worked out. Feel for you!

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