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4 Weeks Ago Today

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4 weeks ago today I had my RP;  Bladder Neck Reconstruction; Bliateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (8).  I am still a little sore.  I am still incontinent.  The good news is that  this morning when I checked my pad there was no urine in it.  So pretty much dry from 9:00 PM last nght to around 6:00 AM this morning.  Hopefully the same thing happens tonight.  During the day, I find myself getting up to go to the bathroom more and more with a full stream which means less on the pad more in the toilet.  I am still kegeling.  I walked 27 miles in steps last week.  This is a life journey.  No two are the same.  Right now I am not to drive or lift over 5 lbs.  I can walk and kegel.  On 4/27 I will find out what else I can do.  I miss my core building exercises.  I feel good and ready to go camping.  Anyway, just a little update.  

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Hi Lighterwood,


Sounds like you are progressing, be patient, it takes time to heal......................

Dave 3+4

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so far you are progressing well with your urinary recovery.

Comparing to mine, you are 70-80% ahead of me at same time at 4 weeks post op. That is very encouraging in regards to regaining full continence. I hope, your first PSA check will also be good - undetectable.


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