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One to go....

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Just fiished up on Thursday with round 11...one more to go!!!  Wasn't sure I would make it through.  I feel like it is doing it's job, and the CEA score has dropped 25% or more every week.  Of course, after round 12, we will taking pictures to really see how things are coming along.  I want nothing more than to be off the chemo for a few weeks/month.  I have forgotten what it feels like to really feel good.  Feeling good now is relative of course, and after 8-10 days the side effects subside and I think I feel "good" for a couple of days before they drown me in poison again.


I want to thank everybody on this board.  I love reading the topics, and really enjoy the positive vibes that are thrown out.  I am certainnly gratefull for this forum, and my treatment.  Hoping I will be around for quite awhile to keep  reading about successes.  



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I kept a personal video blog during treatment, and so many times I said 'I just want to be me again'. How I hated feeling unwell, day in, day out, week after week. 

Soon your body will bounce right back and you'll feel great. 

Soon it will be just a memory I hope. 


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Congratulations Alan. 

Wishing you a well deserved reprieve! 

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Woohoo one more treatment to go.  You have gone through so much and now getting to the end of this treatment.  So glad to hear that the CEA is dropping so drastically during the treatments.  Wishing the best outcome for the scan and hoping that you don't have to do anymore treatments.


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Happy for you Alan, getting through all 12 is no small feat and I hope the scans and tests show clear, and you get to reward yourself for surviving the hassles.............................Dave

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