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Please tell me about your MOHS outcome

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I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose last week.  Oncology Dermatologist is doing MOHS procedure soon. There will be reconstruction, stitches and a scar. I was told if I did not like the scar they could do a scar revision. I understand most BCC are removed by Dermatologists, but how about BCC on the face. Why not go to plastic surgery for the excision and repair?  I would like to hear about your results from MOHS surgery on the nose, especially scarring.

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I've had several Mohs surgeries - 3 on my face and several others for BCC's in other areas that recurred 3 or more times.  For my face, I've gone both routes - had the Mohs surgery done completely by the derm, and then a scar revision later  by a plastic surgeon, and I've had Mohs done by a derm and the surgical closing done by a plastic surgeon.  When I went back to the plastic surgeon for the follow up check on the two he had done the surgical closings for, he recommended scar revisions anyway!  But his closing were neater and more carefully done than when the derm did the closing.  I was in a hospital skin cancer center that had plastic surgeons on site ready to work on Mohs patients though - it's possible your derm doesn't have that option and that's why he/she is just pushing a later revision.

hope it went well!

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I had a nodule (looked like a pimple) on my nose for 5 years (went to derm back then ....but he said it looked like a milia) so it stayed on my nose for 5 years. I told him last month to please remove it and he said he needed to do a biopsy. It came back BCC and he said I needed Mohs to remove the cancer. I had an awesome Mohs doctor and he made me feel so comfortable during the procedure. The scariest things for me were the awful needles to numb the nose but the more scary part for me was when he was stitching the incision. It felt so strange and a lot of pulling. I kept it dry and went back Friday, the nurse said it was healing great! I have to leave the second bandaid on another week then finally I can shower and remove it during the shower. Then one month after I remove the bandage, i need to massage the area so it keeps smooth. I have to tell you, when she took off the bandage on Friday, I was afraid to look, thinking I would look like Frankenstein but it was barely noticable! Great experience so far...Smile

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MOHS and Me

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So I had a very small nodule on my left nostril and right forearm. Decades. Then recently at age 69 the nostril bump started changing in appearance. It took on a pearly look to it and gained an undeskirting to it. Classic textbook look. Like a Portuguese man of war jelly fish minus the tentacles. My arm also had the expected pearly sheen to it.

So I got the biopsy results on the phone. Not good to hear the "C" word while driving your disabled grandson in traffic.


So I had the arm nodule removed quickly then the remainder burned off MOHS style. I smelled like barbecue. The little culprit was shown to me. It looked grayish like waste appearing in hamburger meat. I was stitched up and went home with a small bandage.

My nose required more extensive repair. The first day I underwent MOHS leaving almost my entire nostril blackened. A piece of pork protected it overnight. Day two I had surgery under anesthesia. So I had no idea what it would look like. My doctor formed a flap from my cheek. Good thing we have chipmunk cheeks in the family. They did remarkable work on me. There is a follow up I am still considering to even out the outer nostril. But I am really not unhappy with the looks of it. And 70 year old skin may not spring back. Although my healing was extraordinary.

Years of surfing in the Gulf of Mexico from April to November had exposed my skin to way too much sun. That was back when we had more ozone.

Just memorize cancer's warning signs. They put my nose back together. I am not disfigured in the least. But I also kept a close watch and got in there in time. Don't be afraid to look up pictures on the internet for comparisons. And share your knowledge with others.

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Great story, Duchess. I'm brand new here, just diagnosed this week with metasized SCC. Keep seeing MOH but don't know what it is.

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