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Had my biopsy

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I had my biopsy on Tuesday, it was not a pleasant experience, but it is done. The anesthesiologist would not do a conscious sedation, he said it was too risky for me so I had to choose either general anesthesia or spinal block. I chose general, mostly to get over my fear of it. Turns out I would have had to have it in the middle of the procedure - my ob/gyn said  no way could I have gone thru it without being "knocked out". Apparently, my cervix is hiding on my pubic bone. No wonder he couldn't see it in clinic. He only did the biopsy and that took him 45 mins to get. I don't think he wanted me under any longer. As it is, I woke up with almost no voice and a really sore throat. And an extremely sore urethra - apparently he had to push it and the bladder out of the way  and whatknot. It got so irritated, I couldn't pee until Wed. evening and they had to put a catheter in for a few hours Wed morning. I hope to never, ever have to have that done again. 

I also had low oxygen sats, probably from the anesthesia. Even now, they are not great at home (I have a finger monitor) and I'm dizzy and stumbling around when I walk. Like I'm drunk, but I'm not. Will call his office tomorrow if a good sleep doesn't help.

I acted like an idiot when I came out of the anesthesia - told them when they were transferring me from OR table to stretcher that I wanted to go home. My doctor was beside me and said no. I kept saying I wanted to go home. When they parked the stretcher in Recovery, I starte inching down toward the foot. My dr saw and blocked it off. When he and the nurses moved out to the middle of the room, I pulled myself real fast (using the bars on the bed) and slipped off the end. Someone saw me and yelled out and they all came running, including my dr and they caught me. I kept saying I wanted the AMA papers to sign. My dr said he couldn't legally release me. Oh man, did I feel like an idiot the next day! I spent the next two days apologizing to any who were involved when they came in the room.


I  have to make a follow up appointment in 2 weeks, but  he said he will call me with the results if he gets them before then. His resident told me he may not have got a good enough sample. I hope to heck he did. He did not do anything else - no PAP, not hysteroscopy or D&C. I think he wanted out of there because I had been under for so long when I have risk factors. It upsets me because of my history. Going to make a list of questions to ask at the follow up. 

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That sounds like quite an ordeal. I'm happy for you that the procedure is behind you. Now it's time to rest and heal as best you can. 

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HorseLvr - Just wanted to say that I'm very proud of you for going through with this! No surgery is fun but you took a very important step in getting back your health.

I hope the results are negative but even if they are not, I know your new found bravery will get you through. Congrats!

Love and hugs,


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Indeed, congratulations are in order. You did well; give yourself a pat on the back. 

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I completely understand how you acted after surgery!  My mother was also going to leave the hospital and kept insisting.  I was in the waiting room and they called me into recovery to see if I could calm her down.  I told her I had to go home to get her clothes but as soon as I got back I'd drive her home.  She said "ok" and laid back down.  She didn't remember a thing later on!

It sounds like you went through hell and back with this already.  I sure hope you get your results quickly and they're all good news!



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HorseLvr, do you know if they gave you Versed before the procedure? It's often given with these words: "We're going to give you a little something to relax you..." It might be worth asking, because the behavior you described sounded like the reaction some people have to Versed, which has been around for years.

I had a reaction to it when I was in college and had dental surgery in the hospital. Not only was I insistent and even a bit combative afterward, but I also had another rare side effect, which I could see that I was dying and couldn't communicate it to anyone. Of course, I wasn't dying, but it was an utterly terrifying incident. 

If you google the drug, you'll find forums where people discuss some of its side effects, even some sites that strive to stop its use. It's billed as an anti-anxiety drug, but it's use before some surgeries seems to be largely around getting compliance, important for certain procedures.

I found out after my hysterectomy two months ago that they gave me Versed before wheeling me in. And I had no reaction to it, thankfully. Of course, 30 years have passed since I had it last!

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No, they didn't give me anything beforehand. At my first appointment with the gyn, I mentioned Versed and how I never wanted to have it again, and he wasn't even familiar with the drug. He said they don't use it here anymore.

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Thank you, everyone. I get the results tomorrow - I'm hoping the sample was good enough!

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Hope your results a good!  sorry for the bad experience.

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