Cystoscopy and urethral dilation

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Anyone have to do this before?  Since my partial last september, I keep getting UTI's and have to keep taking antibiotics.  Its a never ending cycle and the infections are hard on me.  They make me tired and nauseated and my left kidney area hurts.  My urology doctor wants to do a cystoscopy and urethral dilation so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this?


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    I've had the Cysto

    --not as much fun for us guys. You should have it easirr.




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    When you need answers

     When you need answers to an ongoing issue like this it is worth trying. I found it was just uncomfortable, not painful.  A local anesthetic was used and it was a fairly quick procedure at least in my case.  The information gained by the doctor is in my opinion well worth the short term discomfort.

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    My procedure is tomorrow.

    I'm getting general anestesia but I'm still worried about the pain.  I hear that after the procedure it hurts to pee (like peeing glass) for the first day or two.  Yikes!  I really just want to figure out what the issue is, get it fixed, and get on with my life.  I'm tired of being tired and tired of worrying about it.  The doctor seems to think that my bladder isn't emptying all the way and thats what is causing the recurrent UTI's and he hopes this will fix it.  Here's to hoping!! 

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    I had a Cystoscopy

    for my bladder to check for cancer. Not gonna lie. Even though they put a large Q-tip in your urethra with numbing medicine, it still was extremely unconfortable. I had no issues with pain for peeing though. Good luck!

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    I had a cystoscopy a year or

    I had a cystoscopy a year or so ago.  They "injected" lidocaine up into the urethra (no needle, just the tip of a syringe).  Then put a Q-tip barely into the urethra to keep the lidocaine from flowing back out.  Cystoscopy was painless; the lidocaine did it's job well.   Though they told me that urination might be uncomfortable afterwards, it wasn't for me.  

    I see you have already had your procedure.  Hope it went as well for you and it did for me (though I didn't have the dilation).

    You might have this article interesting for your situation: