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Another question

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I saw on my follow up report that the radiation is of the vaginal cuff...HDR


Anyone can give a guess on how many treatments that may take....do they do that everyday?   


I know I am jumping ahead but I am the type that does not like Surprise! lol   


Thank you for all your help!



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I had 3 myself. They were scheduled 1 treatment per week.

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Ditto to Soup

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Joined: Jan 2018

My rad onc said mine would be 2-3 per week for 5 total.

Donna Faye's picture
Donna Faye
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I had 5 as my rad doc likes to do a lower dose.

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I had vaginal cuff HDR, aka bracytherapy, aka the radioactive dildo, 3x at 2-3 day intervals, as well as a "vaginal boost", i.e. a higher concentration, done at the end of external radiation (daily for 5 weeks, totaling 25 treatments, plus 3 more days for the "boost").

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I had 3 brachytherapies

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