3 month scan

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Just got results from Dr. Today and all tumors have shrunk by at least 25%. Sure beats being told I had two months 5 months ago.


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    25% gone is 25% good news..

    25% gone is 25% good news...God is good!!!

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    Wonderful news!

    Wonderful news! Congratulation!!!

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    Very good news

    Go celebrate!


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    That is encouraging news.


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    Thanks everyone and I did celebrate !!! Broke diet with an Arbie's Greek Gyros 

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    So happy for you and your family!

    You must be doing something right! You're a great example for all of us. You seem to spend your time living. I remind myself to focus on living, not dying, every single day.  Can you share what all you are doing right now? 

    And I know you enjoyed that gyro. 

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    Good news, a step in the

    Good news, a step in the right direction, and keep stepping. I'll have to try one of those gyros if that can constitute a celebration. Anyway I'm happy to hear it...............................................Dave

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    routine for daily

    on Fulfiri with leukastatin 3 days on pump every other week. Each morning CBD OIL on minimuffin not hemp oil no thc. 1 tablet each garlic, tumeric,and ginger root. lunch is usually an indian curry (mild) ramen noodle dish. Veggie snacks with garlic salt, tumeric and black pepper mix i make and yes it goes on everything. Coffe and Goodearth tea (sweet and spicy for herbs)afternoon snack of bananna and berries with 4yr old granddaughter. High protien dinner.light snack or smoothie. An hour or so a two puff vape of Indica oil so to go directly to tumors and to help sleep. And yes I have a Med and growers license for myself. For exercise I work outside for the Rv Park for rent sometimes as many as 20 hours weekly but most weeks about 5. 


    And a special shout to BRHMICHIGAN, I grew up at John r and 9 mile.

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    Great regimen!

    You are inspiring me to jump all in with chemo. It's working for you! Plus everything else you're doing. It sure all adds up.

    I married a Michigander and became one. My husband grew up at Grand River and McNichols. Detroiters are good people.