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Cramping a lot here lately.

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I am not going on 2.5 years since diagnosed with Recurrance Uterine cancer.  Done the Carbo/Taxol, 35 days of Radiation (2x a day), Letrozole (didnt work), Doxil (left burns on my body) and currently on Avastin (which I have been told will not continue to work).  I had the discussion of where we go from here last week with Doctor (whom I was passed on to). 

Last two weeks I have begun to have severe cramping in the abdomen area, like mentral cramps I use to have all the time and also feel pressure on bladder as I have to go all the time now. 

Anyone out there ever experienced this pain? 


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Dear Jacjac, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.  What have you and your doctor discussed?

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Dear NoTimeFor Cancer,

I just saw him last week.  We are doing another CT scan to see what is going on.  I know there is something (whether it is larger, more tumors, or other). It feels like it is pushing on my bladder.  I have never been pregnant but feel I now know what they mean with they say the baby is pushing up against the bladder.   I was diagnosed two years agon with recurrent Uterine.  Been going thru so many treatments, no sure where we will go next.  They say it is not curable.


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I think once they see what's going on they can do a better job of helping you out. Hopefully soon!

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Hi Jacjac.   My niece has a Stage 4b.  She got 28 shots of ER and 3  IR which thankfully went well.   She also has this symptom, months after her last rad session. 

She describes it like an ache mostly, occasionally like a cramp depending on her position.  She also said that it is not really painful, just not comfortable.  

How are you dealing with this right now? 

Hope you feel better soon. 


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The cramping feeling my just be the pressure of the tumor around the bladder.  I use to make a trip from Florida to Houston, Tx with one bathroom / gas stop.  Now it takes me 4-5 and I really hate it when I am 15 miles from home and have to stop again.  The cramping comes and goes.  Just another life change.

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