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I finally had my post treatment CT scan and check up. It is just 3 weeks shy of a year from my diagnosis and surgery for UPSC stage 3B. The verdict is that I am Without Evidence of Disease as my Dr. calls it, or as the ladies here say, No Evidence of Disease.

I will admit to a bit of anxiety leading up to the scan, with a positive margin at the vaginal cuff and having to switch chemo meds halfway through, I wasn't so sure what my first surveillance appointment would reveal.




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    Excellent news! I am so happy

    Excellent news! I am so happy to hear it.

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    Go, you! Congrats!

    Go, you! Congrats!

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    Congratulations! May you be

    Congratulations! May you be WED/NED for all the years to come.

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    Celebrate!  We all have

    Celebrate!  We all have anxiety for follow up scans, CA tests, dr visits....don't let that interfere with being in this moment NOW!  Congratulations!!

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    WooHoo! Congratulations, that

    WooHoo! Congratulations, that is fantastic news!

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    Wonderful news!

    We're all celebrating with you, Jairoldi.

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    Congratulations! Celebrate:)

    Congratulations! Celebrate:)

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    That is wondeful news!!  May

    That is wondeful news!!  May you continue to remain NED for the rest of your life!!



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    Great News....Congratulations

    Great News....Congratulations!

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    Congratulations! Wishing you

    Congratulations! Wishing you many WED years!

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    Wonderful news! Many

    Wonderful news! Many congratulations! 

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    and THANK YOU so much for all the light, wisdom and support that you have given to us!

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    Jairoldi NED

    Oh that’s such wonderful news!!!! Many prayers have been life with peace and joy!!! So very happy for you!!!


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    Hurrah for you

    Live big!

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    Thanks everyone!

    Thank you. It was great news to receive. 

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    Deleted double post

    Deleted double post.