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Stage 4 BC, mets to lower spine, no mascetomy ordered

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Hello all,

Last September 2017, I was diagnosed stage 2 BC, left breast.  A masc, chemo, rad was all scheduled until they noticed a littlecon my bone scan.  Biopsied, came baive.  My diagnosis pushed me to Stage 4 and treatment changed.  I've been on Ibrance, Letorzole and Zometa for 7 months.  Little SE (fatigue, bone pain - no eating issues, gained a few pounds, etc.).  Body scan a month ago.  My tumors in breast are now undectable, the few in my lower back came back little change or stable.  All GREAT news.

Here's my question:  Both doctors have told me I will not be going under surgery to have breast removed.  They basically put it as "the horse has left the barn" (my words).  That it is basically too late and the surgury unnecessary, the procedures, recovery, etc.  I ask everytime I go in for a check up (monthly).  I go to a presigious and well respected hospital in Boston and have ALL the faith in the world with my doctors, which I believe is vital.  But has anyone else gone through a diagnosis/treatment plan like this?  I will say, within 6 months, I made tremendous progress.  And it's not like I'm begging to go under the knife, I just still can't wrap my head around this mode.  Any thoughts?

Thanks - so glad I found this site - and all of YOU!  God bless us all.  - Kat

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Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this.  There are 2 top notch cancer treatment centers in Boston and I think you should get opinions at both of them.  (DF and MGH) .  I have been to both.  I know with other cancers, once there are mets, they do not usually remove the primary tumor, because it needs to be treated systemically, but I have no idea what they usually do with BC. Prayers to you. 

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Hi HapB,

Your feedback echos what I've been told.  I'm with MGH and feel extremely cared for and in good hands but wanted to hear if anyone had similar experiences/diagnoses.   I'm responding to treatment - which is great.  Next scan is in June and if the mets in my lower spine are on the decline, and my primaryt 2 tumors are still undectable, I can breath a lot easier, knowing full well, I'm on the right path and won't stress over removal of one or bost breaths.  Thanks for your response, made me feel better.  And don't we all want to feel that way!  God bless us all.  - Kat

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Kat,  Keeping you in my prayers as I do all these wonderful people on here. 



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You're amazing.  I see you respond to everyone.  Thank you so VERY much.  Ugh.  This all sucks...but we're in it all together.  Thank you SO MUCH!  God bless us all.  xo kat.

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Yes I think the best we can do other than our treatment is to keep positive and praying. 

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