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Post Op Kidney Function Percentages

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How long after surgery has it taken for your kidney function to regulate?  I'm almost seven weeks out now - right after surgery I was at 37% (a radical neph on my left kidney).  Both myuruologist and nephrologist agreed that my number was low because of trauma I had during surgery complications and that it would rise.   The next test, it did go up to 46%.  That was two weeks ago.  Just had new blood/urine work done and it's now at 42%.  I know (or at leaast hope) that's not a big enough drop to be of real concern - I'm mainly bummed that it didn't go higher - I was hoping to be at least at 50%.  Is this the range I'm going to be at for good or can I look for it to go up more in the coming months?  What have your experiences been?

FYI in the past three rounds of blood work my creatinine levels were 1.95 - 1.65 - 1.77

My BUN levels were 31-25-26




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My creatinine was 1.0 just before the operation and eGFR was in the mid-80's.  Just after, the creatinine was 1.1 and eGFR was low 80's.  A coulpe of weeks ago, at the my annual physical, creatinine was 0.9 and eGFR was 92.

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--- you are equatibg your GFR with kidney function you need to bring it up a bit. This can be done in part by diet, exercise, weight loss and reducing you blood pressure. Sometimes other factors aside from losing a kidney contribute to lower kidney function. My suggestion which you are already following is to continue with your Nephrologist.




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I had my left kidney removed about six years ago. My creatinine varies between 1.5 and 1.9 usually about 1.65. I have some kidney disease and I would suspect that you may have also. But I have been stable for this long. I agree with icemantoo about the diet, exercise, weight loss and blood pressure. I don't worry too much about mine as long as it is relatively stable.

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