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Words of Encouragement

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I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cecum cancer. I had surgery to remove the tumor and will begin chemo soon.

Then more surgery to remove 2 nodules on the liver.

Any words of encouragement would be appreciated as I’m anxious about my prognosis.

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Sorry you ended up,here but it is a good place to ask questions and share experiences.

Lot’s or Stage 4 survivors here.

Good Luck in your journey

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Joined: Apr 2018

Thank you! 

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Posts: 20
Joined: Apr 2018

Thank you.

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There are lots of good tips about chemo, when you determine which you are having, it might be useful to search the terms.  Things like using hand and foot cream in advance of the chemo, expecting symptoms like cold-sensitivity to a degree that the doctors never mentioned, getting anti-nausea drugs in advance, and so forth can help to make the journey easier.  Personally, I would also recommend negotiating for a reduced dose the first time, so you can see how you react to it.  The board has tips and perspectives the doctors never provided to me. Sorry you are here, but you have found a good resource.

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It is not a forum people rush to join, but now yuo are here, I think you will find it a place of comfort as you face the road ahead. 

I too am sorry for your diagnosis. We've all heard those fateful words, and experienced the horrors that come with it; so our hearts go out to you. 

I hope you are fully recovered from the surgery. Keep up your physical strenght and eat well and healthy, as you prepare to enter the chemo stage.  It is not a bundle of fun, as I'm sure you're aware; but it is doable. There will be times - plenty of them, I'm sure - when you think 'is it all worth it', but you plough on through until you come out the other end. 

Once you know what chemo regime you are going to be on, we can more fully help with what side-effect to expect. And of course, each person experiences their own little set of side-effects. You may not get many, or you may get the full whack. Just be prepared. 

So thats my advice. Eat the best you can and stay in shape. Good health going into this, is a bonus, as is a positive mental attitude. Keep the 'what ifs' to a minimum, and believe you are going to beat the beast. 

I am stage IV and will celebrate my FOUR YEARS NED on April 24th - NED stands for No Evidence of DISEASE -  

As Sandia said, there are many stage IV here on the forum, and out there in the world, who are beating the odds. Come and join us. 


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So sorry you had to find us, but we are one of the best groups here.  Very caring and a wealth of information and knowledge.  Although I'm not able to help you with your particular cancer, there are a lot of others than can chime in to help.  Wishing for the best in the upcoming surgery and with treatments.  You can always trust in this group of people to give you all the encouragement you need.  You will be in my prayers.


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Ann, this will be a fight for your life. You will be surprised along the way at how truly strong you can be when you have to be. I'm so sorry that you are here. Know that we are with you all the way.

Good luck.

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           Iwas a an aggressive stage 3 colon caner sufferer. My experienced surgeon gave me three years max I had a year of 5Fu and levamisole. My friend Virginia over in New zealand ( Foxy) was stage 4 . She had colon surgery and a wedge resection of her liver. She also had a year of 5Fu and levamisole. I have just passed year 20 still cancer free and Virginia is out past year 25. We do survive. You have my best wishes for a long and cancer free future , Hugs Ron.

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Being able to remove mets from the liver is one of the keys to beating the cancer back.  So plans to remove them is good news. 

 In case you might be interested in potential wasy to enhance the effects of therpay -  There is accumulating clinical data (and trials) which show positive effects of controlling certain dietary factors (protein and glucose) and doing very limited fasting (actually just reduced food intake) for a few days around each chemo cycle or radiation treatment.   This isn't something that most doctors are aware of at this point.

Oncologist Dawn Lemmane gave a recent talk covering some of these issues:


Researcher Valter Longo talks about the positive effects of limited fasting and the negative biological effects of excess protein and glucose in the context of cancer


Good luck







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My Oncologist is really into Vaulter Longo. Great suggestions. I believe we all should make lifestyle changes to increase our odds. 

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Joined: Apr 2018

i am getting a port put in on Monday and will begin chemo on Wednesday.

i will be taking 5 FU, 46 hr pump, leucovorin, oxaliplatin 2 hr iv, and avastin.

The chemo will be every two weeks for 3 months. 

I am also having an mri to see if there is met to the liver. Right now, it’s inconclusive.

Two lymph nodes out of 25 were cancerous.

so after the chemo, I may have liver surgery and possible hipec.

I welcome any comments or suggestions on my treatments!


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Welcome, Ann. Sorry you had to join us. The people here have helped me through treatment, surgery, and the anxiety that CRC brings. Everyone here understands exactly what you are going through. I'm not into attending support groups in person, this has been just a perfect place to get good information, reach out with specific questions, and just share whatever you can to help others. 

Hope you find comfort here. I sure have.  --Beth

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I don't have anything specific to add as far as medically, I just wanted to say welcome and that you'll find lots of support here. Someone will have gone through the same battle as you. Although it seems to be very different for every one of us. There are a number of different options when it comes to treatment and the order their used can be different. I live in Canada and some of the treatments available in the states is not available here yet.


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but as everyone else has said, this is a very supportive group with a lot of good info to share. I'm also a stage 4, diagnosed in May 2015 with rectal cancer with mets to the liver. I had the same chemo you are getting next week, but mine was for 8 treatments, and  before surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy) to shrink the tumor. Everyone reacts differently to the chemo, some   have many side effects while others have few. I hope you are among the latter and that your treatment goes well.  You'll be glad to have the port,  it makes  the infusions so much more comfortable than constant needle sticks in a vein.  Do make note of any side effects you do have and be sure to let your oncologist know.  It's  a good idea to keep a journal of sorts and write down side effects and questions for the doctors.  It's so easy to forget, or it is for me. I blame it on chemo brain rather than old-age forgetfulness, though. Wink


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Posts: 20
Joined: Apr 2018

Thank you all for the positive comments. I have found this site to be very informative and comforting at the same time.



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