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shoulder pain

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Almost 1 year cancer free, went thru the tri fecta...chemo, surgery, radiation.  The past 2 weeks having shoulder pain on and off again, kind of feels like a pulled muscle.

Last week I battled a boob infection, the implant was not effected, just around it tissues.  Is it all linked?

Is it a side effect or just a pulled muscle...I feel like I blame everything on chemo/cancer.  I sneeze...it must be chemo side effect. lol

I hate to run to my doctors for every little thing. Plus I dont think my general pract.  really knows how to handle this kind of thing (breast cancers and mastectomy patients) and i m afraid he'll just assume pulled muscles.  any advice please..any one with shoulder pain


Thank you

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In light of what you have been through and what is currently going on, it deserves a look see.   Alot of things happen to our bodies after breast cancer treatments.  Some are not right away.   Perhaps it is time to get a MRI and see a Physical Therapist.   It could be side effects from surgery, from radiation treatments  or it could be a pulled muscle but without a thorough assessment your not going to know.  You control the show, ask your doc to get you in and if they dont want to, you need a new doc.  Please keep us posted.

Hug and prayers,


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thank u


Pam L
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I had radiation in my clavicle, under arm, neck, and back (shoulder blade area).  I thought everything was good until I reached behind to pull a short sleeved jacket off and realized that my arm could not reach behind my back.  Radiation obviously caused the fascia to tighten so I am now doing massage, cupping, and acupuncture to release it.  This is what could be happening to you as well.  Talk to a massage therapist.  Hope this helps and wishing you all the best.

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yes Im having same issues not able to reach behind my back the way I use to prior to radiation! doing range of motion exercises  the Lymphedema clinic.

Prayers and Hugs..


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You should definitely check with your oncologist. Not to scare you, but I had terrible pain in my side and up through my shoulder that felt like badly pulled muscles.  My GP also thought it was a muscle strain, but it turned out the cancer had come back in my liver and the tumors were pressing on my nerves. I hope it's nothing in your case, but see a doctor sooner than later!

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