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Breast cancer mets to lung

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Hi I am 50 years old and just diagnosed with DCIS, invasive ductal grade 3, positive aux lymph nodes, with mets to lungs with multiple masses. I am HER -2 positive. I have been told that I may need to go through chemo first then left breast mastectomy. I am new to this and not sure if the side effects of chemo and quality of life is worth it. Especially since it is in the lungs. Has anyone else gone through this? Sadly, I missed a few mammograms and this is what I get! At this point I'm just numb but I tend to be emotionally delayed. I worry about my dogs and who will take good care of them. I would love to hear others experiences and advice. Thanks! 

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I'm sorry that you are here, but believe me this is a great place full of love, support and information. I know the feeling of being numb and in denial and in my opinion when you hear the dreaded words " you have cancer" denial and numbness can be a good thing. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. In May I will be one year out from my second diagnosis. I was first diagnosed with late stage Her2 positive breast cancer 9 years ago when I was 47. I also missed mamograms and I felt incredibly guilty unitl my breast surgeon  suggested that I give myself  permission to forgive myself because beating my self up was not going to change anything.  I also had to have chemo before surgery, I kind of thought it was better because my oncologist would measure my tumor and that way we knew the chemo cocktail was working. Chemo isn't a picnic and everyone reacts differently but it is doable. I also find comfort knowing that there are advances all the time in breast cancer treatment ( I was part of a clinical trial with my first diagnosis). I know it is a lot to take in but we are here for you day and night. Love Surf 

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Prayers and Hugs to you Jasmine67..keep asking questions and questions to your doctors concerning all options..Im sure you are strong and will get thru this.. we are all living our NEW NORMAL


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Jasmine,  When you're up to it you might take time to watch these talks

Oncologist Dawn Lemanne gives a good overview of how to augment standard of care with diet:


Researcher Valter Longo discusses the effects of short term fasting and effects of glucose and protien on tumor growth 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4ame4E1rtE&t=311s   His work has been adopted for trial at a number of  cancer centers in teh US and Europe to create a very low calorie diet (fasting mimicking diet) for use with patients.   Usually 2 or 3 days leading into each chemo cycle and day of treatment. Clinical results so far suggest lower side effects and improved effectiveness of chemo and radiation.

In this 2017 talk, Brent Reynolds, PhD discusses how three natural substances, EGCG (green tea), Curcumin (tumeric), sulforaphane (brocolli sprouts), used in combination slows tumor progression..

The substances are discussed at about 15 minutes into talk, but entire talk is worth it.


Good luck to you (and your dogs) - I know it's difficult.

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Jasmine I was diagnosed Stage 4 a few months ago with mainly liver mets, but some lung mets.  I'm currently on low dose chemo and what I can say about chemo is that there are many drugs with many different side effects and it is possible to find one that preserves your quality of life while also shrinking the cancer and buying time.  When I was diagnosed at stage 2, I went through high dose AC/Taxol and it was rough.  The nausea was terrible, I lost my hair, and I only felt good for about 4 days out of every 14.  But it was worth it because at the time there was the potential it would be cured.  Now that I'm Stage 4 and there's no cure, I am on a low dose chemo drug that doesn't make me lose my hair and has much milder side effects.  If I were you I would talk to your doctor (and get 2nd or 3rd opinions if necessary) and let the doctor know your concerns about quality of life. My cancer has shrunk enough with my treatment that I'm not feeling any of the effects of the cancer on my liver or lungs and my quality of life is quite good.


I was dx at 33 before having any mammograms, but I beat myself up for not doing breast exams.  And on the other hand, there are women who get their mammograms and it doesn't find the cancer! No point worrying about all that now because it's out of our control. Best to focus on what's still in our control so we don't have any other regrets! Good luck.

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I was very faithful getting my mammograms.  2 months after my last clear mam, while faithfully doing my self breast exam, I found it.   So dont beat your self up.

Hugs and prayers,


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