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Melatonin and Colon/Rectal cancer

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  It's been a good while since I've posted.  I've been dealing with a lot of other things and quite honestly avoiding this site. I know it's a support group but my condition is far less severe than the majority on here.  I was lucky beyond what I deserve is how I feel which induced guilt.  Stupid I know but what can a person do that has cancer.  Roll with it as best you can.   

Anyhow, I figured this might be worth something to someone. I was taking Melatonin to help sleep and I noticed at one point that it may have actually had the opposit affect.  One night I took 15mg and within an hour started getting cramped up.  This was while taking Xeloda.  The next night I didn't and since then have not.  It's rare now that I get any cramping at all.  I do think the Melatonin had something to do with it or perhaps it was a drug interaction with Xeloda.  Can't say for sure but if you are taking Melatonin and experiencing cramping, stop for a couple days and see if that makes a difference.  

   I've been doing good as possibly expected.  I've got one more cycle of chemo to do after the next week off and that will be it, forever I hope.  Oncologist told me on my last visit that my recurrance possibility is down to 20% versus 50%. When they walk in the room smiling you know it's good news.  Beyond some hand foot syndrome which only lasts about 20 seconds when I first get up I'm not having any other definable side affects.  There is the red eye (what i call zombie eyes) and really dry skin but beyond that I appear as healthy as a horse.       


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You come and go as you please, Darcher. We love seeing you here, but life - thank goodness - gets busy; and when you're doing well, then that is just great. 

Thank you for the information about Melatonin; I am sure it is going to be helpful to folks who check out the forum or google Melatonin. 


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you should never feel guilty! I am happy to see and very happy you are feeling well! They were very firm on my husband not taking melatonin while on chemo, they never said why. My husband is constantly having muscle cramps so I don’t want to make that any worse. Wishing you continued good health and results!!!!

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Canadian Sandy
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Glad to hear your doing so well. You have a very powerful blog and so inspirational. Keep on the strength.

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Interesting.   I've been taking Melatonin, but I usually take it in the morning, since in the evening it kept me awake and did not help me sleep.

I've been on Oxaliplatinin and FOLFOX; and then only FOLFOX, and am trying Xeloda starting yesterday.   So, I'll see what happens.

I see a Medical Oncologist and then consult on the phone with a Natropathic Physician in regards to supplements... Melatonin and CBD oil are two which she highly recommends in fighting cancer cells.   So will see what happens. 

I'm new to this site; haven't been on since I joined in the fall last year.  Good to see good news on it.


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Thanks for the post and letting us know how you are doing.  We all experience things during treatment that some do and some don't.  It's always good to let your doctor know as well.  Glad that you have the end of your journey in sight and hopefully never have to go back to that.  The after affects can sometimes come into play after all is done, but it will be a matter of time before you realize it.  Glad to see your post and also that you are doing so well.  It's always a good day when we see a post from someone that is part of our "family."


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Hi Everyone


I am new to this site and posting on online. I had sugery on March 14th for  a T3 cancerous tumor that caused a bowel obstruction. Surgeon took out 33 lymph nodes, ovaries and tubs, All clear!! No metasis (?) Oncologoist is recommending chemo because of the bowel obstruction.  I am otherwise healhty. I am conflicted about chemo and considering Xeloda because it is less agressive.

Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated.


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Posts: 305
Joined: Jun 2017

  Just because Xeloda is a pill don't be fooled into thinking it isn't harsh.  For some of us it didn't do a lot beyond a few what I call minor inconveniences but others responded quite negatively to it.   We're all different and what you may experience might be either marginal or extreme.  It has a lot of potential side affects which is due to what it does.  Read up on antimetabolites and their functions.  It's quite interesting in that it stops cell division.  Not just cancer cells but everything throughout your body is affected.

  One bit of advice.  Always follow the oncologists recommendations unless you've got MD next to your name.


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Welcome to the board but sorry you are here.  I'm glad you found us, but it would be more beneficial to you if you started a new post with your concerns as others will give there input.  Xeloda was much more less agressive for me but my oncologist also told me it wasn't as beneficial as the IV form.  Hope that you continue to post.


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