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hello, i would like your advice, coments or sugestions, regarding the following data about a close friend of mines.

She was diagnosed with adenocarinoma stage 4 in her lung , ( she never smoked or was near any person or friend/ family that smoked ; she is alergic to smoke )

and she was given alimta ( Pemetrexed ) for 3 years , after susebequent ct scans and pet scans in which showed no great advance in size ( maybe just a little bit - but no great change in size overall ) the onco. recomended to start with inmunotherpahy Opdivio to see if it could reduce the size of it , at the start everything was ok with Opdivo until she has recently devoloped a sort of dry cough , which is sort of side effect have read on some forums :( , but the fact she is also asmathic makes a bit of an issue 

Her primary Dr. prescriped a liquid cough supresant but that hasnt worked very much : ( , 

after her 6 treatments with Opdivo, she had a ct scan that showed some slight enlargment in size of tumor , the oncologist said that was posibly a peudo-progresion ( looks like an increase in size but its the white cells in mayority working on the adenocar and thats it seems bigger in size ) but the problem is that this aparent peudo-progresion and its effect is in sort of way inflamation resulting in some breathing issues : ( , so uppon that she was prescribed Prednisone for a month during which the Opdivo was suspended due to the interacting effect with Prednisone,

During that month and on Prednisone she felt better , no wheezing , besides her usual asthma episodes during the morning and some at night which her nebulizer and albuterol resolved the issue, and no short breath, or dry cough : ).

But after that month Opdivo was started again and same issues :( ocured , so uppon that she was sent to have a Biodesix Lung Reflex blood tests done, dont know if any here has done this test but its a simple blood test, and those samples are tested to see if there is any genetic EGFR mutation

the results on the genestrat for all EGFR mutations were all Negative

and on the veristrat the result was : Good

what the onco said before doing this tests is that uppon the results he could know if there was any oral medication for the adenocarcinoma, instead of using the Opdivo or Alimata.

So uppon on this data would like to know if any of you have seen this side effect of the Opdivo : dry cough and aparent pseudo-progresion and if that cough has gone away or how have you have been dealing with it ?

other question have any done this Biodesix blood test ? and if so are this results positive in prospect ?  thus saying there is no genetic EGFR mutation in my understanding is good : )

And if she would be able to use any oral medication which has the less side efects and which ones have been the ones with best results in shrinking or even eliminating the tumor : ) ?

So please would really like your comments, thoughts and advice regarding this information as soon as posible because she has to see her onco this week and would like to have some information to discuss with him regarding your answers, coments and advices 


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    Sorry You Haven't Gotten Any Response

    I'm sorry you haven't gotten any response.  Go to and post your questions; you might even mention Opdivor in the subject line.  It's a more active web site for lung cancer.  Also do a "search" for Opdivor on this web site and at  You should get help with your questions by doing this.

    Wishing you the best success.