Can't stand the waiting!

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I had ultra sound because of blood in urine,  I have a 8cm solid renal mass on left kindey and 3 small csyt on right Kidney. had MRI yesterday 3/31/2018.

I have been having pain for 3-4 months and under left breast and middle of breast lower. Doctor said it was gerd and have been taking medicine for that for years.

Im scared of not knowing. any comments / advice it welcome.






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    Be glad your work required

    Be glad your work required the physical. Many times growths on the kidney go undiscovered for years. Hang in there!

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    gunswork said:

    Be glad your work required

    Be glad your work required the physical. Many times growths on the kidney go undiscovered for years. Hang in there!


    Thank you, Sounds like you have been through it, glad your ok.. I agree about making Doctors listen. I will be glad to just find out what going on.

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    Welcome, Jo

    Welcome, Jo.  I'm so glad you found us. 

    First of all, what you are feeling is completely normal.  Right now it seems like a long wait, but things will start moving quickly.  Doctor appoinments and preliminary scans will be on the way with surgery to follow.  Take the time to educate yourself about RCC and the skills of your surgeon.  It's okay to ask him/her about their experience with kidney cancer.  It's extremely important that you trust them.  As difficult as it is, try to catch your breath and collect yourself.  Stay off Dr. Google as your place for information.  Most of the information is old and out-of-date.

    As things start to move along, reach out and ask.  We'll do our best to answer your questions.



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    Hi Jo

    I agree waiting is the hardest! Last summer I thought I was having gallbladder issues. An US instead found an atrophic kidney and a small 3x3 mass that wasn't enhancing with contrast. The radiologist and urologist thought we should re-scan in 6 months. (Felt like forever). In Feb we did the re-scan and the mass had grown and started enhancing. I'm in grad school so we waited until spring break and I just had my nephrectomy Thursday. it was papillary renal carcinoma. All I know is clean margins so that's great, and I have to wait again for my two week post-op to find out the staging etc and scan schedule for the future. It all feels like a scary hurry up and wait thing. I only researched reputable medical journals because I needed to understand the disease (and have worked in healthcare a long time so I understand a lot of the terminology). If knowledge gives you peace seek it out. I was super calm before my surgery because I talked to people on the boards and knew what I needed to prepare. So thankful. Ask questions and reach out. This is an amazing group of people that get it! 


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    Waiting is the hardest part

    The anxiety is probably the worst thing about this journey.  Just take a deep breath and know you're doing what need to be done to take care of yourself.  If surgery is your option, then time really flies after that.  Today is six weeks for me and that's hard to believe.


    Best wishes,