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Good Day

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Today might be a good day to remember that we cancer survivors, new cancer people heading to or under treatment...we can rise above this!


Sure, we all will die someday...from something.  But not today, and we hope not tomorrow.  We will survive as long as we believe that we can live longer and better lives...despite cancer!  We can...we do it, day by day!


And I, for one cherish every day...every hour...every minute that I have.  Yes, I have cancer...but I also have a life to enjoy now...today...right now!

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Yes, we enjoy everyday. In my country many celebrate the day of today with particular sweets typical of Easter. We may leave the worries for tomorrow.

Happy Easter to you and the many survivors who celebrate the Good Day of today.  

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You just made me smile with a memory from childhood. Our neighbors and good friends were a Portuguese family of glassblowers. We were often gifted with treats from them. The one that fascinated me the most was a loaf of sweet bread with a whole egg baked in it. Happy Easter to all!

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