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Brand of probiotic?

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It turns out I have to have external radiation.  I have seen many posts about taking probiotics during treatment, but not much on which brands were used.  Could you all share what brand of probiotics you are using?  Thanks!

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I took Culturelle. Had no problems with diarrhea.  Had nausea though. 

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Chris (Editgirl) recommended Culturelle to me. I'm still taking it as it is good for also helping with your immunity.

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Drank Kefir (Lifeways) you can get in grocery store. also ate 2 bananas a day and took 3,000 mg of vitamin D per my radiation oncologist. good luck! 

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I tookk Accuflora prior, during, and continue to do so.  I just went to buy them and didn't see them so I bought Nature Made since it has two pills - one of small intestine and one for large intestines.  

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