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Multiple Cases of BCC, Starting in 20s

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Hi! I would like help understanding why this happens. In the past 10 years, I've had four cases of BCC and at least one diagnosis of precancerous cells. (I'm attempting to get copies of all my lab reports.) I'm not yet 35. I also have an autoimmune didorder and am prone to skin tags, rashes, and facial acne. Is it all connected?

Convincing a doctor to treat me as neither a profits-maker or paranoid is hard, especially in an area with poor medical resources. I'd like to know how to either better direct my doctors or figure out what to do on my own to minimize risks.

Is there an underlying issue to my repeating cancer? Would any tests help identify the problem? What are the risks? There doesn't seem to be much information about cases like mine.

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The last office (where two of my nine skin biopsies were based) was acting far too suspicious and asking me to do illegal activities. They appear to be running a scam. They mentioned another place in town while arguing with me about patient rights, so that's where I'm going now. That second center in town is much more professional. Their plan is to gather all off my lab results, test the ninth spot they removed today, and figure out what to with the previous two spots of concern. Anyway, the PA said she's not concerned about Gorlin's at this time, because I'm not dealing with dozens or hundreds of BCC. She's seen younger patients with more aggressive skin canxer. It's maybe an issue that's not being addressed enough in the US.

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Over the past 20 or so years I've had nearly 60 basal cell removals, 3 episodes of squamous cell, and 1 episode of melanoma.  Some of the basal cells were recourrances - for example I've had some lesions that have been removed 5 or 6 times.  The insurance companies typically won't approve Mohs for areas other than the face unless there are several recurrances to the same area, but they eventually end up going that route for the repeat offenders. I've lost count of how many Mohs surgeries I've had at this point. I currently have about 40 scars from the various types of removals - surgical, liquid nitrogen, scraping and burning and Mohs.  Four of those scars are reconstructions of large sites that had multiple previous scars close to one another, and then had new cancers spring up between them.  

My last few dermatologists have all been at urban teaching hospitals that have seen skin cancers of all types, and none of them have been overly concerned about the number of basal cells I've had. They're usually mildly curious and ask questions about possible exposure to radiation in childhood or other things that may be causing it, but overall they just view it as an annoying aberration because basal cells are very rarely fatal. I do have to get checked every 3-6 months which is a hassle, but I've only had one check up that hasn't resulted in a new basal cell being found so I get why they make me do it.   

So I wouldn't worry yet about the number you've had - I think I passed 9 in the first six months after my first basal cell appeared!  Good luck with your new doc.

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I am a male, aged 62 and had my first skin cancer (basel cell) at 50.   When it first appeared (on my right forearm) I didn't know what it was.   It was something i never had before.   I had noticed that it was a fairly large red mark; and then it got crusty with little blood coming out.   i had it removed about a year later.   

I just had surgery yesterday.   So, since being 50, I've had seven surgeries.   All in different areas.   Six Basel Cells and one Squamish Cell.   That Squaish Cell was questionable because, at that time just that one time, I  went to a dermatologist who was a scoundral.  For some strange reason, i started to have skin cancer at 50.   I had spent many years when i was much younger in the sun unprotected.  Back then there were no warnings about skin cancer due to exposure to the sun.   In fact it was encouraged to get as much sun as you can.   

I recently read that those who have had multiple skin cancers are very likely to have cancer somewhere else (such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and others).   I had prostate cancer and had it totally removed four years ago.   i don't know if that article that i read was correct.     

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