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I recently went for an ultrasound on my gallbladder but an 11.2 cm complex cyst showed up.  I am awaiting my MRI then doc appointment next week. scared very scared and wondering what others symptoms were in beginning. Feeling extremely tired and nauseous at times and back and pain under ribs off and on.thanks in advance and have a feeling I'll be seeking you all out a lot.  Thank you so much.

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Hello and welcome.... I had many of the same symptoms but knew it wasn't my gallbladder because I had mine removed in 2012.

It is quite normal to be scared. My tumor was 13.3 cm. You can read my profile. This board is filled with great people full of knowledge, advice and most of all support. Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Until then keep is updated.

Sending hugs and positives vibes your way!


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I'm so glad you found us.  Right now, I'd encourage you NOT to search Dr. Google for answers.  I totally understand the lure of the World Wide Web, but it is full of old and outdated figures and information.  Instead, I'd encourage you to lean on your support system, which includes us.  Try not to worry about next week; it will come soon enough.  Trust me, things will start moving pretty quickly now.  A couple scans here, doctors appointments there, then surgery, followed by recovery.  We'll help you through it all if you want us to.  




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...is what Stub said. DO NOT search Dr. google. He told me the very same thing and i have only been focused on my upcoming surgery on April 3rd. There are some wonderfulpeople here, ask questions and you will get honest answers. Prayers for strength and comfort.


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This is not where you want to be but we will help you with any questions or doubts you have

Those were my symptoms alono with a few others

RCC seems to Be very unpredictable.. some peoole have symptom very early and others none or certainly none that points to kidneys

Not sure why you are gettingn MRi

 CT seems better for you idendtying kidney masses but some of the other more experienced folk on here will have a better opinion on that

Sorry but I will let you in on a secret

We have all have a different story on here to Tell regarding symptoms, size, surgery , recovery but I can tell you the only thing that we all have had was being scared  and not just scared but very scared just like how you are feeling now.

the waiting is horrible knowing that thing is just sitting there inside you:

just try to focus on the next step.getting all your tests done and surgery as quick as possible

next step is just Focus and keep us posted so we can help you as much as you we can






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When I was diagnose I had first ultrasound then CT and then MRI with MRI images they where 100% sure it's cancer ....good luck  and I hope it's nothing may be just cyst and then we will be so happy to asked kindly to leave our club 

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I wish you the best on your path here.  Sorry you find yourself with us, but we'll hold your hand and help you thru whatever the future holds.  It's a wild ride of emotions and lots of questions will pop up along the way because of the unfamiliarity.  At least you have discovered a reason for not feeling so great and soon you'll be on the mend.

Mine was a complex cyst as well, albeit smaller.  There is life on the other side of this adventure and it's even sweeter than before the diagnosis, hang in there.


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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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I feel for you and the predicament you fnd yourself in.  DO NOT GOOGLE, RESEARCH OR DO ANYTHING ON THE WEB -IT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY!!!!  Wait and hear from your Dr. Or the knowledgeale people on this site.  We were all petrified when we first got the news. Take each day ss it comes and reach out to us anytime.  Best of luck :)

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"Scared very scared."  Such very familiar words to all of us.  I had absolutely no clue or symptoms, although when I thought back about it, I was getting short of breath while hiking, despite lots of training and being in good shape.  I had ultrasound, MRI, AND CT.  As you and others say, the waiting is almost unbearable, but imagine us all sitting with you as you wait.  You have a world of support here from people who have been where you are now.  Take care and keep us posted please.

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