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I made it.

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So far my reversal surgery has been without any incident, other than a couple of hours in the recovery room while we regained control of my pain.  The surgeon said it all went well.  My ostomy was closed up and I did not need a drain nor will I need to pack it with gauze, etc.  I am now portless as well.  Couldn't ask for more.

However, the real measure of success will soon occur - bowel movements.  For some reason, I feel lucky about that, but only time will tell.

Once the dust settles and I am convinced that this issue has been resolved, I intend to donate my remaining ostomy supplies to a local agency that can then distribute them to those in need.

I truly appreciate everyone's concern and interest in my progress through this event and through all of my preceeding events.  The collective knowledge and compassion of the members of this forum have helped me navigate some tight turns.  Thank you all.

It is my intent to remain an active member and contribute as I can.  In doing so, I may be able to return the favor and assist someone else with their "tight turns."


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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations Jim! So happy for you! Glad your going to stick around, you have a lot of good input.

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Are you sstill in the hospital? I didn't have a bag, but it take me forever to have a bowel movement after my colon resection. What finally did it, walking. It was hard for me because I had been in for 19 days. But I got halfway down the hall, and had to rush back to the room. Walk around that hospital! I am so happy for you. 

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Great news Jim about your reversal surgery and port removal! So glad everything is going well...


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Great news Jim. Hopefully you can work towards a good night's sleep now.

I asked my surgeon how long the reversal stay would be and she said about three nights. I originally thought that it was outpatient but I was set straight by several people.

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Lily Flower
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Happy to hear everything went well, Jim! Now get some R&R!

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So glad  the reversal and port removal went well.



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Thanks for sharing your good news! So happy for you and hopeful you can put this all behind you soon. 


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Get that bowel moving and you can go home.   And yes, walk, walk, walk. It really helps. 

So good to hear that you are not going to desert us. 


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Walking will be your new best friend until you can go the bathroom.  It really does help with bowel movements and with the gas that will build up until you become regular.  You might find that the gas gets really bad - just walk and walk.  Glad that you got through the surgery well and all seems well.  I've been thinging about you and glad you posted.  Hope you get to go home very soon.


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I'm glad your operation went well and you don't have the port anymore.  Best wishes to your life forward.  Let's bid cancer goodbye forever.

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