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Managing side effects from pain meds and the cancer.

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Hi Im new to this site,, Ive made it past my experation date by 10 weeks.. I have signet cell ring cancer,, I thought I had it beat 3 1/2 years back with Surgery only, we found it early when was having my routine Colonosapy comming out of my apendex.... They took out quite a bit of parts, found 6 of the 12 nodes had the cancer.. I have a really poor liver so I refused Chemo because they told me they could only extend my time as it was very aggressive and could not be killed off,, Anyhow it came back ( throuout my whole abdamon ) we found on my Ct scan last May we then followed up 2 months later and they concluded I had 6 months.. December I started haveing pain..  Months before the the send a script for 5mg RoxyCodione (sp) so for about 11 weeks I took 3 to 5 pills after 4 in the afternoon.. Anyhow the pain has mostly gone away but I feel like crap and still take the pain meds because I start feel really bad by the afternoon and thats now starting to to creep up closer to being a all day deal,, Ansity mussel pain and fatige is the worst part.. I also fer several months now in the AM mostle feel like someone filled my abdamon with ice.. Im sorry to put out so much info at once so I will stop here,, I have more concerns later I can post.. I did try Edables for a couple months but they caused ansity pretty bad, but Im thinking about trying CBD oil again,, Im really after something to give me a more even feeling throught the day..


Thanks a bunch Greg

PS my spellcheck is not working on this site..

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i read through your typos please don’t worry about that. I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain, you should really talk to your dr no one should be in this much pain there has to be things they can do. Maybe a nurse can come in with IV pain meds or something. I hope they are able to help you feel less pain. 

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Greg, sorry to hear about your situation. I was on Norco after my surgery and it took me a long time to wean myself off it. I have replaced it with Rick Simpson Oil and edibles. It took me a long time to figure out dosage! I had the same paranoia. The RSO can have a higher ratio of CBD than THC. And you may only need half a grain of rice dosage at first. It's amazing stuff. As for edibles, they are usually all Indica strain which should just make you sleepy, not paranoid. They are usually in 100mg packets. I just found one with 20 pieces, so just 5mg apiece. I only need 2 or 3, but you could start with one. 

I got through all my radiation and chemo without a pain pill. Just used Cannabis. Very best wishes and prayers to you. And hoping for years ahead. -Beth

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So sorry that you are going through this.  It seems when you have exhausted all the meds that you can and then become dependent on them to get you through the day your only thought is just to make the pain go away.  You should talk to your doctor.  I'm still in the belief that if you need pain medication you should be able to take it.  I'm thinking that they are giving in to too much demand about taking it away from people in need.  Wishing you the best.  Can't help you with the edibles or anything as I've never tried them but hope something can work for you.


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Thanks Kim I reread my post and will claify things I said.. Ive had no trouble getting pain meds, but what I hear on the news is really scary !!! My pain was going steady for about 10 weeks then subsided.. I do still have cancer related troubles swelling ect,, Im thinking at this point some or a lot of my feeling bad is from the cancer withdraws or both.. I will update and respond to the other who replied after I see my Dr tomorrow.. There is a CT scan 1st one since last June that will be intresting to get the read on... I did talk to the Dr in December about the pain management he mentioned the fent patches,, I think going on a even dose med is better then how Ive been sparing the pills I have so Im not doped up 24/7 as I still drive... Hopfully I made a bit more sence out of this..   Thank You all !!! Greg

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is the belly swelling normal? Is that what you are talking about? My belly is so huge. I am tw months out from my liver resection, but still on chemo.

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Well yes a bit, but rather groan area one testacal is huge and extends way up into the belly area.. 

PS your Dr should tell you whats normal, mine sent me in for a Ultra sound to rule out things other then it being the cancer..

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I don't know anything that can help ease the pain except for painkillers.  If it doesn't help, try to ask your doc for anything else.  Is it related to the cancer? I hope and pray the pain subsides soon.  The fact that we have cancer is already a mental and emotional pain itself, we don't need physical pain even more.

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My only trouble is pill form seems to be a issue,, I will get on a patch pretty soon,, Your sure right about the mental part luckely, Im only leaving behind one person I worry about, 

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Yeah abdom cancer is tricky, lots of nerves and other things going on in there, they still cant figure out where my pressure and bloating is coming from. Between the unused colon still floating around, crohns, and the ab cancer itself, who knows. Dont be afraid to change doctors if they wont give you anything. No reason for you to go through that much pain at our stage of cancer and woring about being dependent on it. Take care, i hope you get that pain away.

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I should have known better making that 1st post, confusing Im sure.. I was in a bunch of pain for about 10 weeks it has subsided. I saw the DR yesterday they said just keep talking the pain meds because of the withdraw, Im getting because soon enough I will have the pain back. They have been great no trouble getting meds.. Sorry if I made it sound that way,, I just mentioned the CBD oil because I thought it might be heplful.. Pain patch is where Im headed but Im holding off because, I still want to drive myself to the store or the marina where my boat is. Thanks for your reply !!!

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